Monday, January 9, 2017

December 11, 2016

This week was skuxxxxx:)
It was wayyy astig:)
So this week is was good, pretty normal week. Elder Feiloaki and I were out on the search for some new investigators. We found some good ones. One of the ways we found them was kinda funny. We went to go teach a member and when we got to the her house we were asking her if she knew anyone that would be interested in hearing our message and she said no. Kept talking and she had no one in mind. Then I looked in her house and saw someone walking around and I said whos that? She said it was her sister in law and asked if we wanted to teach her and we said of course so we taught her and she turned out to be pretty receptive so we set a return date and when we went back she wasnt there... Then we found another good investigator it was actually a husband and wife and we shared with them the Light the World video. We then set a return appoint with them so we got excited and went back a couple days later ANNNDDD they werent there... So yeah times are a little frustrating right now. Every time we find some one and teach them they want us to come back then we go back and they are just not there or busy. ://  But hey keep moving, keep believing right?
On the bright side... Christian passed his baptismal interview!!!! He will baptized next week. We are way excited for him:)) He is a way cool dude. The other day we were teaching him and his family. His wife kept thanking us because before Christian didint want to be baptized. So I said "Hey christian what changed your mind to be baptized?" he said "When you first came and taught us" I felt so happy inside. That is the first time I truly felt that I really met the person that was waiting for me. It was a cool feeling. I have made a strong bond with that family and it will last for life. It is good though because they have tons of fellowshippers at church so they are not just  a missionary convert. Lots of blessing come from the mission.
Speaking of blessings, last week we had our zone conference and both of my trainees were there:) The picture below of us 3. Elder Diso, Elder Webb, Elder Feiloaki. I am proud dad. ELder Diso is a zone leader and man he has grown a lot since I trained him. He is an awesome dude and it was cool to see him there along with my current trainee Elder Feiloaki. I have served a satisfying mission:) I gotta keep pushing forward though and serve harder. The mission is cool:)
Any ways love yous all:)

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