Monday, January 9, 2017

December 18, 2017

Snow in the Philippines!

Just kidding, there is no such thing.

HEY! How is everyone doing today? I am sure you are getting ready to open gifts, chill inside, drink some hot chocolate. Sounds like a good time. 

What is a does a Filipino Christmas consist of?

Well at Dairy Queen I think they sell frozen hot chocolates because drinking hot chocolate here would be ridiculous. 

Lots and lots of karaoke, mostly repeated songs like "let it go", "Zombie" by the Cranberries, and some good ole Filipino folk songs.


Roasted pig

Little kids Caroling asking for money

Its pretty dang fun, I enjoy it. I will be missing the snow again this year. I reached into our freezer and pulled out some ice and I thought of Minnesota. Haha oh man. We actually havent really been able to work the past couple days. Elder Feiloaki got really sick and we even had to take him to the hospital yesterday. But he is slowly recovering so hopefully we can go out tomorrow. We took him to the most famous hospital in the Philippines, St Lukes. There is a bunch of rich people at that hospital and I was surrounded by peoples iPhones all day. It was quite the temptation but I got through it.

This past week was pretty good. It hasnt been really pouring rain but it has been doing some drizzling which is enough to make our area very muddy, I wanted to get some brown shoes but looks like I dont need to now, the mud makes them look brown enough. 

The other day we got a pretty cool opportunity, we got invited from a member in our ward to give a short inspirational message at her Diabetic Club christmas party. It was a cool idea and I give her props and reaching out to share the gospel in a cool way. But the club is pretty much full of 60 - 70 year old people but it was still a cool opportunity. We shared about Light the World and shared the video. It was pretty cool and maybe a couple of them will be interested in hearing from us in their homes.

The other week I was kind of realizing that I need to do better and showing and feeling love for others. So I have been praying like it says in moroni 7 in order to receive that Christ like love for others. The other day as we were out working I really listened to those that we were teaching and I put myself in their shoes and I could feel something. I just felt more close to them and understood them better. That is something I really struggle with is loving other people, but I know that God can give us that love. He wants to give us anything we ask for that is according to his will.

One of those people that I felt the love for was this less active named Basil. He hadnt been to church in 3 years but I could feel that he wanted to go back. He was so happy that we found him and now we are excited to keep going back and start teaching his family.

So last saturday was the grand finale of Christian Clutario! HE was finally baptized! What a great day. All that hard work, prayers, fasting, hoping. It all came together and with Gods help Christian can now join his family and once ready and worthy enter the temple and be sealed. It really is wonderful all of the blessings we have. All because of Jesus Christ. During this Christmas I am excited to be teaching about Jesus, giving back for all of the amazing gifts that he has given us. He gave us eternal life, what can we give back to him? I am so glad I have come out here to try and give back, but it is impossible to give back to Him. We are eternally indebted to Him. We just have to serve him all the days of our lives.

Not too much to report but thanks for all the love, keep the love, share the love.

Merry Christmas! Let me know if you got my cards

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