Monday, October 26, 2015


Hows everyone doing? Its hot here. Like really hot. But hey thats okay I love it. This week turned out well. It was my turn to lead the area and I was pretty nervous about that but everything turned out pretty good and we got 30 lessons and some new investigators which is great. We also had a great week with our progressing investigator Marvin. But he gave us a little scare. So we have a weekly time we meet with him on saturday and we went over the baptism questions with him and he did great! We told him we would pick up for church the next morning. So we went there the next morning and we knocked, no answer. Then we knocked again, no answer. We stayed there for about 15 minutes knocking and waiting but no answer. So we sadly walked to church without Marvin. But then a little bit into sacrament meeting we see marvin sprint through the gate into the church grounds hahaha. I felt relieved to have him there. He is awesome. We are having an FHE with him on saturday and hes excited about that. He is also going to institute this week! He is very different since the first time I met him. He is a lot more social and happy and he is a funny guy! The rest of the week was good and kinda busy. This week we have to come in at 6pm on Halloween because our area gets crazy on that day. Transfers are coming up soon, which means my training is almost done!! yayyyyyyy. That means I could stay in this area and lead it (I dont want to do that) or I could transfer to another area! (I do want to do that) So I guess we shall see!! Today we went to a zoo for pday and it was pretty sweet actually. I got to hold an anaconda and that orangatang! So that was sick. I am starting to get a little better at the language. I am starting to understand people a bit better! But I dont want to jinx it. I had a lot of cool experiences being led this week by the spirit in our area. One funny story that I had was when we were looking for this guy we contacted a while back. (incase you didint know it is almost impossible to find peoples houses by their address here) So we were looking for that guy and we just couldnt find him so we knocked on this door asking for directions, and a lady came and told me what she thought but then I took that as an opportunity to open my mouth and share so I said "pero sister. missionaries kami! Mula sa simbahan ni Jesukristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw! Okay lang ba makakapagbahagi kami sa inyo?" Translation- But sister, were missionaries! From the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. Is it okay if we share with you? I completley thought she would just say no or the famous "next time" But she just said yes. And I said really? and she said yes! So we shared with her! It was awesome haha. So there is my letter for the week sorry that it was a little short! But I love you all!

Go to church

Love Elder Webb:))))))

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dont worry. I am okay.

Hahah so I guess you guys all heard about the typhoon. It really was not bad at all where I was. Usually everytime it rains hard here it floods but there were no floods in our area so that just shows how the storm wasnt even bad. It has be pretty windy but it has been so nice because when its windy here its not as hot and the breeze feels soo good! But filipinos seem to be afraid of the wind here but I love it haha. So this week was pretty good. We had my first Zone Conference and that was just a full day at the mission office with some workshops from the President the APs and the zone leaders. It took like all day so we had no time to work when we got back to our area because we had to watch the priestood session of conference because we didint get the chance to watch that last saturday. But we had a lot and a lot of appointments fall through this week. We did a lot of OYMs which I personally really like. I think It is fun to just randomly talk to people and try to share the gospel with them even though I can barely speak I still try my best. So when sunday came around is when the "typhoon" hit. It was really rainy outside so when we went to church there was only 35 people in attendance haha so it was quite awkward when we all had to sing without a piano and you could hear everyone that was off key and stuff but it was funny hahah. We have an investigator named Marvin right now who we are working really hard on to get baptized. He is really cool and we had a great lesson with him last week about why he needs to come to church, read, and pray. He took it well and he came to chruch even in the typhoon and he was really happy. I can tell a big difference in him from when I first met him. You can see how the spirit touches his heart when he comes toe church. He says hi to everyone and smiles the whole time. He is great and I am glad to be able to help him out in his life the best I can. I hope everyone back home is loving life and getting ready to embrace that terrible winter weather hahaha suckersssss. I love all of you and pray for you always! Have a great week!

Love Elder Webb:)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Heyyyyyy wazzzzuupppppp,

This week was pretty good since last Wednesday! It was our General Conference week!! It was amazing! I hope everyone got the chance to listen to the amazing talks given by everyone! It is kind of embaressing to say but I think this is the first time in my life that I have ever watched alll of General Conference. BUt anyways SO I want to share some of my thoughts on the talks given. I loved Dieter F Uchtdorfs talk about people who are happy in the gospel because they accept the simple things and dont dig too deep into it. I often over look the simple things and start to question things that I already know. That is satan trying to distort your thinking. I loved how he said take time to think after your prayers and ponder and listen to the holy ghost. and ask yourself where you want to be and really think about how you can get there and how the holy ghost will help you get there. He said "We are the pilot of our own plane" (of course he used that because he loves planes) But we really are. We decide what we think, do, act. We even choose our own salvation as it says in the scriptures. That leads me to another thing said by our Prophet that "The choices we make here are forever important" I love that. 

I also really loved the talk by Larry R Lawrence talk about "what lack I yet" This is a great question that we can always ask. I especially wonder this on my mission because there is always room for improvment. Pray and ask god waht we lack and then humbly wait for an answer. So I tried this really really wanting to to what I lack and so I asked. I didint really feel a forsure answer like the examples given by him in the talk but for some reason my mind kept going back to thinking that I need to focus more on Tagalog. I still really didint think that was a forsure answer because I am always thinking about tagalog and how I can get better haha but as I read a letter from my dad today he talked about the language so I am taking that as my answer from GOd is that I need to try harder and focus more on the language. 

Vern Stanfill

I loved some of the things he said. 

"No matter the darkness of doubt we decide how long it stays" Sure we all feel doubt some times and fear but with the gospel and Jesus christ we dont need to doubt or fear. Doubt not Fear not (DandC 68:6) That is my favorite scripture. He also said "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" I love that because satan tries to tempt us and make us doubt. But doubt those doubts first before you question your faith.

Lastly I loved loved Devin G Durrants talk! IT was great! I am going to take the challenge that he gave us by ponderizing a scripture every week. This is such a great way to get to know the scriptures more and really trying to understand them and their meaning for us. He also said that "when we use our mind to ponderize a scripture, we have no other room for filth or bad thoughts in our minds." So when we have a bad thought just think about your scripture for that week and ponder it.

Conference was great and I am so glad to have been able to watch all of it. It is so cool to have seen the 3 new apostles been sustained and I know they are called of God and they will do great. I know that all those that spoke were inspired by god and they spoke on things meant just for us. I had a list of questions before conference and most of them were answered through those speakers. It is amazing how god works and It was so cool just to feel the amazing spirit they all brought! 

Well I hope everyone has a good week this week and does something to help someone else and increase their faith in christ and the gospel! I love you all!

Love Elder Webb

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello everyone:)

This week was pretty great! It has been a while since I have written because our Pday was pushed back to wednesday because we had our temple trip today! But this week was soooo tiring. I really dont know why but I was just tired all week haha man it was tough. I also had some exchanges with the zone leaders and that was way fun. I went to their area and it was fun to see a different part of our zone. It was pretty close to the manila bay and it was weird and cool to see the ocean. One of the people we visited in that area lives in this tiny tiny hut thing and its just plastic and wood. But they were so HAPPY and they just smiled and smiled and loved having the missionaries there. That just goes to show that we seriously dont need material things in this world to be happy at all. Yeah they are fun but they are so useless to our plan of happiness. I just loved seeing that couple smiling so much in that tiny house listening to our short message. The people here are really great. How was General Conference?? It sounded awesome. I will get to watch it this weekend! Because they show it a week later here because they cant stream it live. I am not sure why. But I am more than excited and I am just going to sit there all day and take notes and learn how to become a better person! We have been inviting all our RCs LAs and investigators to come so hopefully we will have a good turn out! It would be such a great experience for them to hear the word of our living day prophet. Today was such a great day at the temple. I love it and it truly is the house of God. I felt the spirit so strong and I just loved being there. Earlier this week we went to the house of our investigator for an appointment and she told us that we were answers to her prayers. That felt really good to know that we truly were sent there by God. He plays such an active role in this work. We met with our most recent convert yesterday and she has two little girls one is 4 and one is 2. They are so cute but they are so loud and distracting and kind of annoying sometimes haha. They are very demanding and get what they want haha. The 4 yearold loves me and always wants to sit in my lap and she talks to me a lot in Tagalog and I most of the time just dont know what she is saying haha. And the 2 year old man she is a handfull. I always have a pen in my shirt pocket and she KNOWS that I dont want her to take it but everytime I go there she reaches for it and then I cover my pocket with my hand and she just laughs at me and says "no no no" because she know that I dont want her doing it. She tries to take all my stuff and hide it and she grabbed my umbrella the other day but I took it back and she didint like that so she spit in my face hahah not just a little kid spit but a full on wad of spit right in my face haha. But its kinda cute at the same time and she is just a little girl so its fine. But that recent convert is great. She just got baptized 2 weeks ago and she is already in Alma 40. It is so inspiring to see our investigators and rcs really read the BoM and it is motivation for me to always read. So I invite everyone reading this to read every day! Dont let a day pass that you study the word of God! It is so special and has so much to offer us! Well I love everyone and I am glad to be Gods missionary here in the Philippines! Turn to God always because he is there waiting to help!

Love Elder Webb