Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dont worry. I am okay.

Hahah so I guess you guys all heard about the typhoon. It really was not bad at all where I was. Usually everytime it rains hard here it floods but there were no floods in our area so that just shows how the storm wasnt even bad. It has be pretty windy but it has been so nice because when its windy here its not as hot and the breeze feels soo good! But filipinos seem to be afraid of the wind here but I love it haha. So this week was pretty good. We had my first Zone Conference and that was just a full day at the mission office with some workshops from the President the APs and the zone leaders. It took like all day so we had no time to work when we got back to our area because we had to watch the priestood session of conference because we didint get the chance to watch that last saturday. But we had a lot and a lot of appointments fall through this week. We did a lot of OYMs which I personally really like. I think It is fun to just randomly talk to people and try to share the gospel with them even though I can barely speak I still try my best. So when sunday came around is when the "typhoon" hit. It was really rainy outside so when we went to church there was only 35 people in attendance haha so it was quite awkward when we all had to sing without a piano and you could hear everyone that was off key and stuff but it was funny hahah. We have an investigator named Marvin right now who we are working really hard on to get baptized. He is really cool and we had a great lesson with him last week about why he needs to come to church, read, and pray. He took it well and he came to chruch even in the typhoon and he was really happy. I can tell a big difference in him from when I first met him. You can see how the spirit touches his heart when he comes toe church. He says hi to everyone and smiles the whole time. He is great and I am glad to be able to help him out in his life the best I can. I hope everyone back home is loving life and getting ready to embrace that terrible winter weather hahaha suckersssss. I love all of you and pray for you always! Have a great week!

Love Elder Webb:)

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