Monday, October 26, 2015


Hows everyone doing? Its hot here. Like really hot. But hey thats okay I love it. This week turned out well. It was my turn to lead the area and I was pretty nervous about that but everything turned out pretty good and we got 30 lessons and some new investigators which is great. We also had a great week with our progressing investigator Marvin. But he gave us a little scare. So we have a weekly time we meet with him on saturday and we went over the baptism questions with him and he did great! We told him we would pick up for church the next morning. So we went there the next morning and we knocked, no answer. Then we knocked again, no answer. We stayed there for about 15 minutes knocking and waiting but no answer. So we sadly walked to church without Marvin. But then a little bit into sacrament meeting we see marvin sprint through the gate into the church grounds hahaha. I felt relieved to have him there. He is awesome. We are having an FHE with him on saturday and hes excited about that. He is also going to institute this week! He is very different since the first time I met him. He is a lot more social and happy and he is a funny guy! The rest of the week was good and kinda busy. This week we have to come in at 6pm on Halloween because our area gets crazy on that day. Transfers are coming up soon, which means my training is almost done!! yayyyyyyy. That means I could stay in this area and lead it (I dont want to do that) or I could transfer to another area! (I do want to do that) So I guess we shall see!! Today we went to a zoo for pday and it was pretty sweet actually. I got to hold an anaconda and that orangatang! So that was sick. I am starting to get a little better at the language. I am starting to understand people a bit better! But I dont want to jinx it. I had a lot of cool experiences being led this week by the spirit in our area. One funny story that I had was when we were looking for this guy we contacted a while back. (incase you didint know it is almost impossible to find peoples houses by their address here) So we were looking for that guy and we just couldnt find him so we knocked on this door asking for directions, and a lady came and told me what she thought but then I took that as an opportunity to open my mouth and share so I said "pero sister. missionaries kami! Mula sa simbahan ni Jesukristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw! Okay lang ba makakapagbahagi kami sa inyo?" Translation- But sister, were missionaries! From the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. Is it okay if we share with you? I completley thought she would just say no or the famous "next time" But she just said yes. And I said really? and she said yes! So we shared with her! It was awesome haha. So there is my letter for the week sorry that it was a little short! But I love you all!

Go to church

Love Elder Webb:))))))

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