Monday, April 25, 2016

April 24, 2016

Helllllllllloooooooooooo Viiiieeetttnammmmmm,

Well I am here chilleennnn.  Its Pday! Finally! We deserve it. This was a long week. So transfers went smoothly. It took me all wednesdaymorning to get down to my area though. That was the only bad part but I got there safely and everything was all good. So I arrived and met my new companion Elder Christensen, well actually not that new because I already lived in the same appartment with him in my first area for almost 5 months so I know him really well. Its actually kinda funny cuz he saw me come into the mission and I will see him leave it. He goes home in july so I will (as the missionaries say) kill him. He is way awesome though. He is so focused on his purpose that he barely even thinks about home so its nice. We work really hard. 

So right now I am in an area called Batasan Hills in the Fair View zone. I am a zone leader here and the area is really awesome. Its one of the highest in baptisms for the mission. The ward is so supportive, the bishop is very involved in missionary work, so is the ward mission leader. Everything is just pretty great right now. The only thing bad about this area is mannn there are a lot of steep hills. I get SO tired by the end of the day. I will probably lose some weight in this area. But last thursday we had something called MTC exchanges. Thats where missionaries from the MTC come and do splits with us in the field. I did it when I was in the MTC. But I got to go with an Elder from Austrailia and it was pretty cool. He could not speak Tagalog at ALL but it just reminds me of me when I first started and its cool to look back and see how much I have grown. It was a cool experience.

I had one of the coolest experiences so far on my mission happen already in this area. One day Elder Chirs and I were walking to an appointment and this lady stops us and says "Elder, where is your area?" I replied "Uhh its right here" And she says oh okay then walks away. So I shouted back "hey wait! Are you a member?" She said yes but she was baptized in Athens Greece in my dads mission. She was baptized by one of my dads former companions! I thought that was so cool that I somehow all the way across the world connected with my dads mission somehow. Really awesome.

So now that I am zone leader I cant just care about my area only I have to care about everyones in the zone. For a couple hours on friday we spent a couple hours looking at numbers and setting goals for our zone.  I think we made some good ones. It was pretty fun and it seemed like I was contributing more to the mission. 

Another really cool experience that happened was on saturday night. A little back story first. Here in the Philippines people get clean water in these big blue jugs. So we have 3 big blue jugs in our house and when we run out we have to order more. So earlier on saturday we were completley out of water and we had to order more so we did but sometimes the people suck at delivering it. So we came home around 8ish to do our personal study because we didint do it in the morning because we had to do something for President but we came home and we took a look in the door and there were NO blue just so we had NO water.. Which is not good. and tomorrow was sunday sooo we couldnt buy water on sunday. So we went down the street to see what was up with the place for not delivering our water. So we went down and the guy there called his people and they said they never got an order from us so were thought hmmm weird. But the guy was nice enough to lend us a jug of water and he even gave us a ride back up to the appartment. In the car we took the opportunity to share the gospel and he was asking questions about the BoM and stuff so when we got to the house we gave him a copy and a lesson 1 pamphlet and he was interested and accepted a lesson from us but sadly he doesnt live in our area so we gave the refferal to the other elders. The funniest part about the story is that once we walked in the house and turned the corner we saw our water jugs.. So we already had water. So that was a way cool experience.

Well that is kinda all for this short week. I am sure I will have a lot more to say next. I love you all!! Have a great week.

By the way thats the view from our appartment. 

April 18, 2016

Well. I am headed back down to the hot, noisey, dirty, smelly city. I will love it. So yeah tomorrow is transfer day again. Dang so so fast. The time is really flying by now. I am coming up on 10 months pretty soon which is just crazy. So my new area is called the Fairview Zone. It is actually a really nice city zone because it is so close to everything. I get the best mall, the best grocery store, close to the mission office, cheaper transportation. So yeah everything will be great. My companion is Elder Christensen, I dont know if you guys remember him but he was my first room mate when I came into the mission. He trained my current companion right now, Elder Kirifi. So I already know him really well. Oh yeah I will also be the Zone Leader there so thats pretty cool I guess? I am not sure yet. 

But I am kinda sad to leave the nice clean and green area of San Miguel, and leave Elder Kirifi. We have had a lot of fun this transfer with work and all the other great stuff a mission has to offer. We had a baptism last week which was great. Patrica, she is 11 and her grandma is now a returned Less Active so that is awesome. We were supposed to have 2 but the other one kinda backed out and is no where to be found which sucks but its okay, they have their agency. We did our part. 

I am also sad to leave our house that we have now. Its the best house in the mission and i was only in it for about 2 weeks:(

Sorry gotta go. Time short. My bad. Bad email. I ll do better another time. Peace

April 15, 2016 - New Calling

church logo

Zabarte Rd. cor. Ilang-Ilang St., Almar Subd.
Camarin, Caloocan City

15 April 2016

Bradley Webb
11620 Wagon Wheel Curve
Woodbury, MN 55129
United States

Dear Brother Webb:
I am so happy to let you know that Elder McKinley Fredrick Webb has been called to serve as a Zone Leader in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission. 

As a Zone Leader, Elder Webb will be responsible for the teaching and training of many missionaries.  His example and motivation will become their model to follow. 

He is learning to be a Preach My Gospel missionary and as he develops the Christ-like attributes he is learning, he will build a firm, spiritual foundation for the rest of his life. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to know and serve with this fine young man and appreciate the love and encouragement you’ve given him.

Sincerely yours,

President Bertin's Signature
Kim C. Bertin
Mission President


April 10, 2016

Well... This was an interesting week. LOTS going on that kept us away from work in my area.

Well monday was pday of course so we didint have much work in our area. Tuesday we had to drive an hour down to Baliwag for district meeting and that took up a large portion of our day, then we had to drive back down to Baliwag that night for exchanges with the zone leaders. So all day wednesday we were not in our area at all.Thursday was our first day of full work in our area and that day was okay. Then friday we had weekly planning and some baptism interviews I had to do which is always awesome. Saturday conference and Sunday conference. Conference was great!! But yeah the week was busy with other activities. 

On a sad note the investigator that I talked about that we found tracting. He was progressing well and way excited to go to church with us yesterday. But on saturday night we went over there and he just dropped us. I dont know why we tried to figure it out but it just didint work. That was a really big low of the week it sucked.

I am excited for this week though. We have LOTS of time to work and I am going to go HAMMMMMM soo yeah. Its also the last week of this transfer. MAN IT GOES FAST! I have almost been here 10 months that just blows my mind. I really dont know what will happen to me next transfer, maybe ZL maybe DL still, maybe trainer again. No clue. In all honesty I want to stay one more transfer here with Elder Kirifi. We are having a good time.

This is kinda a short letter but I would like to bear my testimony to you all

Brothers and Sisters

I know this gospel is true. I know Gods hand is in our lives everyday, IF WE LET IT. I know that by being obedient and following Gods commandments (no matter how difficult) blessings WILL come. Everything that has happened in this world from Adam and Eve to the Restoration to the day to day efforts of all the faithful members is not by accident. I know God has a perfect plan for us. Each and everyone of us. HE LOVES US. More than we can comprehend. I know that tough times come to make us stronger. There is no unknown trial to God. He knows all. We have to endure to become stronger. I know all these to be true. I love you and I love god. In the humble name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

          QCNM 2015 ~ June 14 2017

April 4, 2016

How goes it.

So this week wow ssssuuuppppeeerrrr busy. I am not going to write a lot because I dont have tons of time and not much happened. So I will talk about the thing that consumed up most of time. MOVING. We finally moved out of the house today into our new AWESOME house. But this WHOLE week all of our spare time we spent cleaning our stupid old house man I hated it. I just remembered moving into our old house dad and how much that sucked. Now I have a lot more respect for you for doing all the moving stuff. But yeah the new house is way awesome. I will send some pics later this week when its all put together. But yeah its looking new and good.

So I will just share a short cool experience real quick then I gotta hop off.

So Elder Kirifi and I were really lacking investigators at the beginning of this transfer but after setting some goals and working hard and involving the ward we started to see some great things in our area this week. The first was one of our investigators that I have been trying to get to church since last transfer and he finally came!! It was the best and he loved it. So I really hope he comes again this week. But the other one is that other investigators just started popping up out of no where. The pictures you see below of me holding a gun is at our new investigators house Wilfredo. He loves hunting and that is an air gun. It was actually cool how we found him. We were just walking one night with no where to go really and we see this little store on the side of the rode with this guy watching tv so we went up to see the show and it was American Ninja Warrior and I love that show! So I was like sweet lets watch for a little haha and the guy just smiled at us and we all watched for a like 10 minutes without even talking haha but then we started talking and he has american cable so he knows a lot about american shows so we talked a lot about that. And for some reason I dont remember how it was brought up but he said "yeah there are a lot of churches around here!" And I thought to myself "swwwweeeeettt, a perfect segway into the Restoration" So I asked him why he thought there were so many churches if Jesus only established one?" He said "well I am not sure, but come in and lets talk!" So we went in and taught him and it was really cool.

Another cool experience also has to do with Elder Kirifi kind of walking around one night not really knowing what to do. Wait... It might of been the same night. I dont remember.. But!  Elder Kirifi and I were tired and didint really know what we were going to do. But of course we werent just going to go home and we werent just going to go sit around. So I just said "lets go tracting". Usually I dont go down this route of finding but recently I have wanted to knock on some doors. So we went to a part of our area that was near to the church and most of these houses are bigger and have big gates but we went to knock on the gates anyways. I thought to myself that it was kind of a waste of time but we did it anyways. Then one house that we knocked on a guy came to the gate and said "Hey I dont have time right now but come back, I do want to hear your message". So we did go back the next day and there he was waiting for us and we had a great lesson with him. I was thankful for doing tracting that night. We got a great new investigator out of it. 

So there are my experiences for the week! I love you all and will talk to you next week!:)

March 28, 2016

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

How goes it? Life is well down here in the projects. So hopefully this email will be a bit better for yall cuz I wrote some notes down.

So this last week was Holy Week here in the Philippines and since there are mostly only catholics here there was a lot of celebration. Lots of graven images, lots of chanting and people getting nailed to a cross. Im sure Jesus really loved it! (sorry if any catholics are reading this, if you want to learn more, contact the LDS missionaries in a area closest to you:) ) But yeah there was really just so many people in the streets and since the Philippines has no laws against sound, all the catholic churches have speakers on the outside so whenever they sing or preach, the whole town is lucky to hear it:) 

But the week started off last Pday where we took a senior couple to look at a house we had found to move into. They thought it was alright (but we didint end up picking that one, tell ya about that later) But after that they took us out to lunch for my birthday which was very nice. THen we just had work the rest of the night. So on tuesday my bday!! That was an okay day! We had to wake up early for our district meeting all the way down in Baliwag so we woke up at about 530. Turns out our water wasnt working... So being the "Mr. fix it" man I am, I went to investigate the problem. Turns out one of the pipes outside like broke off the connector thingy. BUT DONT WORRY. Good ole Mac Webb fixed her right up. Then we headed down to our district meeting. After District meeting we all ate at a pizza place and Elder Kirifi and split a big pizza which was way good. I havent had good pizza in a while. So later on in the night is when it gets good... So a couple weeks ago I gave a member some money to cook us 4 (Markham, Salazar, Kirifi, and me) a "special" dinner... So some of you may know that the Philippines is notorious for eating.... dog... Well I may or may not have paid a member to get some dog and cook it up for my birthday dinner. So yeah it was pretty good. I recommend it:) So as most have you have read we have a lot of less actives in our area. So our wednesday consisted mostly of just LA lessons. It was a busy day but its good because we are starting to have LA come back to church:) Hahaha so thursday not much happened but we had 2 encounters with some drunk guys. The first one was pretty funny, we were just walking down this path and this guy came out of a gate and just randomly started apologizing to us, and so we stood there and talked to these 2 drunk guys for a bit and then one of them whips out a brand new cigarette and then we were leaving and said (in tagalog) Wait! Before we go, I will throw that cigarette away for you! and he says "okay okay okay" THen takes a big hit and he gives it to me and then I just threw it in the water hahaha. It was so funny but he thanked me for it soo I guess I just saved 13 minutes of his life statistically. Friday kinda sucked haha. It was a struggle. We worked hard but had little results, We just tried to find some new peoople to teach. On Saturday we made our trip up to Santa Ines which is a far away place in our area where most of our actives members live so we taught them and did our home teaching because we have families in our branch to home teach.
So maybe I have wrote this in the past but I dont remember. But we have been looking for a new apartment to move into. We have been looking for like 7 weeks. And just the other day we found a WAY nice apartment. A member owns it and they offered to rent it to us cheap. and.... We got it! We signed the lease today sooo we are moving next week. I show you some pictures next week if my camera gets fixed. Oh yeah my camera broke. But yeah the house is cool.

On sunday I gave a talk in church. I was surprised on how well it went. I went 13 minutes without even looking at a paper, and it was in all Tagalog. I actually was really bold in everything I said because our branch is putting up a weak effort in helping out the missionaries. So I gave a good talk about the Book of Mormon and sharing it with others and I was satisified:) 

So yeah there is my week. Hope you all enjoyed it. If you didint I am sorry. I cant change it. TIME FLIES. Love ya all