Monday, April 25, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

How goes it? Life is well down here in the projects. So hopefully this email will be a bit better for yall cuz I wrote some notes down.

So this last week was Holy Week here in the Philippines and since there are mostly only catholics here there was a lot of celebration. Lots of graven images, lots of chanting and people getting nailed to a cross. Im sure Jesus really loved it! (sorry if any catholics are reading this, if you want to learn more, contact the LDS missionaries in a area closest to you:) ) But yeah there was really just so many people in the streets and since the Philippines has no laws against sound, all the catholic churches have speakers on the outside so whenever they sing or preach, the whole town is lucky to hear it:) 

But the week started off last Pday where we took a senior couple to look at a house we had found to move into. They thought it was alright (but we didint end up picking that one, tell ya about that later) But after that they took us out to lunch for my birthday which was very nice. THen we just had work the rest of the night. So on tuesday my bday!! That was an okay day! We had to wake up early for our district meeting all the way down in Baliwag so we woke up at about 530. Turns out our water wasnt working... So being the "Mr. fix it" man I am, I went to investigate the problem. Turns out one of the pipes outside like broke off the connector thingy. BUT DONT WORRY. Good ole Mac Webb fixed her right up. Then we headed down to our district meeting. After District meeting we all ate at a pizza place and Elder Kirifi and split a big pizza which was way good. I havent had good pizza in a while. So later on in the night is when it gets good... So a couple weeks ago I gave a member some money to cook us 4 (Markham, Salazar, Kirifi, and me) a "special" dinner... So some of you may know that the Philippines is notorious for eating.... dog... Well I may or may not have paid a member to get some dog and cook it up for my birthday dinner. So yeah it was pretty good. I recommend it:) So as most have you have read we have a lot of less actives in our area. So our wednesday consisted mostly of just LA lessons. It was a busy day but its good because we are starting to have LA come back to church:) Hahaha so thursday not much happened but we had 2 encounters with some drunk guys. The first one was pretty funny, we were just walking down this path and this guy came out of a gate and just randomly started apologizing to us, and so we stood there and talked to these 2 drunk guys for a bit and then one of them whips out a brand new cigarette and then we were leaving and said (in tagalog) Wait! Before we go, I will throw that cigarette away for you! and he says "okay okay okay" THen takes a big hit and he gives it to me and then I just threw it in the water hahaha. It was so funny but he thanked me for it soo I guess I just saved 13 minutes of his life statistically. Friday kinda sucked haha. It was a struggle. We worked hard but had little results, We just tried to find some new peoople to teach. On Saturday we made our trip up to Santa Ines which is a far away place in our area where most of our actives members live so we taught them and did our home teaching because we have families in our branch to home teach.
So maybe I have wrote this in the past but I dont remember. But we have been looking for a new apartment to move into. We have been looking for like 7 weeks. And just the other day we found a WAY nice apartment. A member owns it and they offered to rent it to us cheap. and.... We got it! We signed the lease today sooo we are moving next week. I show you some pictures next week if my camera gets fixed. Oh yeah my camera broke. But yeah the house is cool.

On sunday I gave a talk in church. I was surprised on how well it went. I went 13 minutes without even looking at a paper, and it was in all Tagalog. I actually was really bold in everything I said because our branch is putting up a weak effort in helping out the missionaries. So I gave a good talk about the Book of Mormon and sharing it with others and I was satisified:) 

So yeah there is my week. Hope you all enjoyed it. If you didint I am sorry. I cant change it. TIME FLIES. Love ya all


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