Monday, April 25, 2016

April 4, 2016

How goes it.

So this week wow ssssuuuppppeeerrrr busy. I am not going to write a lot because I dont have tons of time and not much happened. So I will talk about the thing that consumed up most of time. MOVING. We finally moved out of the house today into our new AWESOME house. But this WHOLE week all of our spare time we spent cleaning our stupid old house man I hated it. I just remembered moving into our old house dad and how much that sucked. Now I have a lot more respect for you for doing all the moving stuff. But yeah the new house is way awesome. I will send some pics later this week when its all put together. But yeah its looking new and good.

So I will just share a short cool experience real quick then I gotta hop off.

So Elder Kirifi and I were really lacking investigators at the beginning of this transfer but after setting some goals and working hard and involving the ward we started to see some great things in our area this week. The first was one of our investigators that I have been trying to get to church since last transfer and he finally came!! It was the best and he loved it. So I really hope he comes again this week. But the other one is that other investigators just started popping up out of no where. The pictures you see below of me holding a gun is at our new investigators house Wilfredo. He loves hunting and that is an air gun. It was actually cool how we found him. We were just walking one night with no where to go really and we see this little store on the side of the rode with this guy watching tv so we went up to see the show and it was American Ninja Warrior and I love that show! So I was like sweet lets watch for a little haha and the guy just smiled at us and we all watched for a like 10 minutes without even talking haha but then we started talking and he has american cable so he knows a lot about american shows so we talked a lot about that. And for some reason I dont remember how it was brought up but he said "yeah there are a lot of churches around here!" And I thought to myself "swwwweeeeettt, a perfect segway into the Restoration" So I asked him why he thought there were so many churches if Jesus only established one?" He said "well I am not sure, but come in and lets talk!" So we went in and taught him and it was really cool.

Another cool experience also has to do with Elder Kirifi kind of walking around one night not really knowing what to do. Wait... It might of been the same night. I dont remember.. But!  Elder Kirifi and I were tired and didint really know what we were going to do. But of course we werent just going to go home and we werent just going to go sit around. So I just said "lets go tracting". Usually I dont go down this route of finding but recently I have wanted to knock on some doors. So we went to a part of our area that was near to the church and most of these houses are bigger and have big gates but we went to knock on the gates anyways. I thought to myself that it was kind of a waste of time but we did it anyways. Then one house that we knocked on a guy came to the gate and said "Hey I dont have time right now but come back, I do want to hear your message". So we did go back the next day and there he was waiting for us and we had a great lesson with him. I was thankful for doing tracting that night. We got a great new investigator out of it. 

So there are my experiences for the week! I love you all and will talk to you next week!:)

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