Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hello family and friends, 

How is it going? Im doing pretty good over here!! Its hot. and there is a lot of rice. 

This week was pretty good. We had a lot of lessons and a lot of work! I had my very first baptism!! What an amazing experience that was. It feels so good to know that my efforts played a small part in the conversion of one of Gods children. Now she is on her way to the eternal life and the celestial kingdom. It really was a great service and her testimony was so great. We had one of our recent converts baptise her and I think he really enjoyed the experience as well. So this is a new transfer and we got a new roomate from New Zealand and he is really cool. He is a trainee as well, brand new in the mission!! So I am not the newest in the mission anymore! The work is going pretty well, we have some new progressing investigators which is great and we are continuing to find more! This work is really special and I am glad to be a part of it. Let us all try and be missionaries because its not just for full time missionaries! All members of the church should put forth their efforts in helping heavenly fathers work! I know as a missionary now how important the ward is to missionary work. So help out the missionaries in your wards! I feel like I have already said this but I am going to say it again anyway! Sorry this letter is really short but I have to go! Hopefully the pictures will be good enough for this week! Talk to you next week!

Love Elder Webb

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dear family, friends, and anyone else that cares about me!!

 Thank you so much for all your love! I truly feel it all the way over here in the Philippines!!

So my first transfer is done! BOOM. How was it? HARD. Hahah its way hard but it was also was really fun and I met some great people! Since I am still in training I will stay with the same comp and in the same area so not much changes for me. But I will probably get a new roomate or two and have some new faces in the zone so that will be cool! Our work was okay this last week but we found some new great people to teach and I can feel myself getting more involved with the lessons we teach which is great because I want to be good at the language so bad and really express everything I feel!! We have a baptism coming up this saturday! My first one! I am so excited for Elsie Salinas and her family! She is setting a great example for them! 

So this week my patience and my faith was really tried. Like it says in Ether 12:6. Its essential! Even though I am getting a lot of challenges and it sucks haha but I am still greatful because I am growing! I am really trying to just become the missionary that God wants me to be! So I just kept my faith in Him and prayed a lot and I can feel him helping me and answering my prayers! It is amazing what he can do for you if you just put your trust in Him and do your best,

This week wasnt too eventful, We had a fun pday last week. We had a zone activity and we went bowling! I did pretty well. I have lots of pictures but I dont have a way to upload them yet so just be patient!! But there are some great ones. Its hot here as always. About 95 everyday. I am kinda getting used to it by now and now I am afraid that I will come back to the states and freeze my butt off. I constantly sweat so I bring a rag around with me to wipe my face haha. There isnt too much to say about this last week and I wasnt very prepared so I apologize for that but I will get a better email next week! 

Have a great week everyone!

Love Elder Webb:)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

I hope all is well back in the US. Everything is going good here in the hot country of the Philippines! For anyone that wants to know I am in Caloocan City in the University Hills Ward. Its great! I had a pretty great week this last week. It was my first time having zone interviews and we had a lot of great workshops from President Bertin and the APs. They talked about involving the members in missionary work. It is so important to involve the members in the work. It is actually essential. Investigators and recent converts NEED fellowshippers from members. So I challenge everyone reading this to get involved in the work in your wards! The missionaries need your help! Its hard here in the Philippines to get a lot of people involved but we all need to contribute to make our wards better! 

I also had a very interesting lesson this week. So this girl from our ward is dating this guy from Austria and he is not a member. They have both been coming to church the past couple weeks. So my trainer and I went to go visit them. He knows German and English only. So guess what... I GOT TO TEACH IN ENGLISH! It was awesome haah! I finally got to fully participate in a lessson and understand everything that was being said! It was a great lesson. We talked about faith and about how through faith our prayers are answered but only according to our faith. So thats also a lesson in itself for us. We all need help from our Heavenly Father. I know I sure do! I need soooo much help everyday especially with learning the language. So what do we do when we need help? We pray! And it works! BUT our prayers are only answered according to our faith! So everyone that faces trials, (which is everyone) Have faith that god is going to help you and then your prayers will surely be answered! But only on the lords time! We have to be patient! I have to be very patient with learning Tagalog. So I wrote down this awesome quote from President Monson -  "Life is full of difficulties some minor, others of more serious nature. There seems to be an unending supply of challenges for one and all, Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of PATIENCE is required" I love this quote! It is so amazing and I read it everyday. We have to have patience in this life or we are going to drive ourselves crazy!

But Im starting to see a very slight increase in Tagalog which is good! An American Missionary here says that Im doing a great job in my studies and says Ill be really in good in like 5 months. I hope that is true! I really do work hard at it! I want to talk to people! You know me I love to talk and be with people! So it sucks that I cant right now haha but It will come! 

I got some of my clothes fitted and I look wayyyy pogi. (handsom) Ill attach a picture below.

Sunday was a great day. I really prayed for our area to get better and for me and my comp to have more investigators and we got 4 new investigators yesterday! It was awesome we had some powerful lessons on the restoration! Prayer and fasting is amazing! After one of our investigator lessons we walked about 5 feet and some lady said Hey! And I said hey whats your name? And she said Rose and I asked her if we could come back sometime and share a message with her and she said why not right now?! SO me and my comp had another lesson right there! Hahah it was really awesome. After that it started pouring rain and my comp forgot his umbrella so I just didint even use mine so he wouldnt be the only one wet. We just marched through the pouring rain and sang! 

My favorite investigator Marvin came to church for the second week in a row this week. Hes 19 and I love that guy! I cant really communicte with him well but we always sit next to each other at church and have a fun time. Hes really awesome! He has a hard time coming to church sometimes but I pray and hope that he will continue to progress and enter the waters of baptism.

So this week will be pretty fun, I have exchanges with the District Leader and I have 5 week training at the mission home. So I will update on that next week.

I am so thankful for my loving family. I was reading the second principle of the restoration and its about the gospel blessing families. I know because of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ my family is so amazing. THe Gospel makes my family so wonderful! Im glad im homesick sometimes because it just means I have such an awesome family!

Dad I am so very thankful for your sacrifices to this church and to my mission. You work hard and give so much and take so little. I want you to know that I recognize that and I am so greatful for your sacrifices for me to be here.

Harmony you are seriously a machine and youre nonstop! Thank you so much for being completley selfless! You work so hard all day everyday and you give all that you have to others. On top of that you always find ways to have fun! You are seriously amazing!

Mom thank you for the sacrifice you give everyday to support me here. Thank you for working many jobs and doing all you can to make sure your kids have a good life, You did so much for me at home and you do so much for me here! 

I love you all! I wish you all a great week and remember to let the saviour into your life! Stay strong and keep cool:)))

Keep the vision!

Love Elder Webb!