Monday, December 7, 2015

Specific Prayers Bring Specific Blessings

Kumusta kayo?

It is a nice warm morning at 6:51 on our pday and I am sitting in a little computer shop before we head to SM Fairview which is a big mall here in our mission and we are going to go do some bowling which will be fun. 

But this week was actually great. We really found the fruits of our efforts this week. We were blessed with 9 new investigators and 5 new baptismal dates. Now the date is just a goal for the investigators but at least they committed to a date! Elder Diso and I are really starting to get the work going in our area which was great. We visited a lot of less actives this past week and they committed to come to church! BUT they didint come haha thats kinda how it goes sometimes. We are doing our best to explain to them how important church is and some of them are starting to come back occasionally which is great. As we were searching for a less active this week ( and let me tell you it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find address in this place. NO house has a number and if they do the house has the wrong number, so basically we just find the street or the "block" and just ask as many people as we can if they know the person we are looking for and eventually someone knows if we are lucky) and as we were searching for that less active we we asked these two girls if they knew him and they said yeah but he is in his province so we said "Oh... okay, well can we share a message with you?" and they said yeah go ahead we have nothing to do. hahah so we went ahead and we shared the restoration with them and they listened well. This past sunday Elder Diso and I set a goal to have 3 investigators at church and we really did all we can to get the investigators to come that we invited and then church came and no one came except our 10 year old investigator Noah whos legal guardians are members haha. (he is the kid in the picture) So as we were sitting in sacrament we kept getting texts from investigators saying they cant go. Well at least they texted right? But as we were sitting listening we looked to the doors and we saw some of our recent converts come in with two of their friends! THey actually told us about them last week and we expected to go visit them that sunday night but they came to church which was so awesome!! Its a couple and they have a little boy. The dad is actually pretty interested which is rare because not kidding most of the men in this area are VERY hard headed. But he was so thankful when I gave him a gospel principals and a book of mormon. And they are perfect investigators because our recent converts are their fellowshippers and they are neighbors so it works out really well for the support aspect! So the week ended well and we were happy and thankful.

So this week as I was doing companionship study with my companion we were watching an episode of the District and they were talking about involving prayer with planning and we thought of kind of a clever quote which might actually already exist but we havent heard it so we came up with it! it is SPECIFIC PRAYERS BRING SPECIFIC ANSWERS. So many of you might already know this but it is very important for us to remember. Too many times we all have experienced time where we get into wrote somewhat memorized prayers. But we need to remember that we have to be detailed with our heavenly father in order for us to receive detailed and specific blessings and answers. Thats what we tried to do this week is be more specific in prayers and we saw that heavenly father really does appreciate that and wants to help us more when we put more effort into our personal and family prayers. He can work better miracles. I know that if we do this we will feel more close to our father in heaven and he will bless all the more.

Well thats my report for the week and I love you all and again thank you all so much for the support!:) Have a great week:)