Monday, April 25, 2016

April 18, 2016

Well. I am headed back down to the hot, noisey, dirty, smelly city. I will love it. So yeah tomorrow is transfer day again. Dang so so fast. The time is really flying by now. I am coming up on 10 months pretty soon which is just crazy. So my new area is called the Fairview Zone. It is actually a really nice city zone because it is so close to everything. I get the best mall, the best grocery store, close to the mission office, cheaper transportation. So yeah everything will be great. My companion is Elder Christensen, I dont know if you guys remember him but he was my first room mate when I came into the mission. He trained my current companion right now, Elder Kirifi. So I already know him really well. Oh yeah I will also be the Zone Leader there so thats pretty cool I guess? I am not sure yet. 

But I am kinda sad to leave the nice clean and green area of San Miguel, and leave Elder Kirifi. We have had a lot of fun this transfer with work and all the other great stuff a mission has to offer. We had a baptism last week which was great. Patrica, she is 11 and her grandma is now a returned Less Active so that is awesome. We were supposed to have 2 but the other one kinda backed out and is no where to be found which sucks but its okay, they have their agency. We did our part. 

I am also sad to leave our house that we have now. Its the best house in the mission and i was only in it for about 2 weeks:(

Sorry gotta go. Time short. My bad. Bad email. I ll do better another time. Peace

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