Monday, January 9, 2017

January 8, 2017

So this week was pretty great, we finally convinced this guy preparing a mission to come out and work with us and it was a good time. I am actually shocked at the dedication of the young men and SA here in the Philippines they will honestly walk with you and work all day with in the heat and do a good job as well. It kinda makes me feel bad on how bad I was at going with the missionaries before my mission. I didint really get how helpful it is for the Elders. Try and get noah to work with them. But yeah we have been blessed with a few great new investigators, also "blessed" with a lot of open time not really knowing where to go. Those are the hardest parts when you just honestly have no one to go to but thats when you toughen up your knuckles and go knock on doors. Well in the Philippines I guess we dont really knock we just stand outside their house or gate and yell "Tao po" 

We had a pretty solid experience last monday. So both my comp and I needed to get a hair cut and usually go to this place right outside our subdivision but there were so many people waiting for a hair cut and we decided it wasnt worth the wait so we decided to catch a jeep going up more into our area to go to another place. But when we arrived there it was closed. So then as we were leaving wondering where to go I remembered this other place kind of by some houses in our area close to where we were and when we work I always saw a sign there that said "Barber, this way" So we decided to go there. We walked down the alley and saw a happy guy just there cutting hair. So we got our hair cut there and while he was cutting my hair I was talking to him about the gospel. He said that we could come back sometime and go teach his whole family. So later on that night when we went out to work we went back and taught his whole family of 5. It was awesome. They now have a Book of Mormon and are reading it. I realized how important it is even to stay focused on Preparation day because the Lord is always preparing people for you.

I havent been eating too healthy lately... My comps parents sent him a huge package of food from New Zealand. Chips, cookies, canned foods, and heaps of chocolate. Soooo we have been pigging out on cookies and chips these past few days. Its hard to eat healthy here in the Philippines and stay in the budget. But this week I am going to start doing some more cooking. I have been getting okay at cooking I have learned to make a few Filipino dishes. I have gotten used to eating rice with basically everything. I really like it. It is going to be really weird to go home and not have rice with the food.

I love you all and hope you have a good week:)

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