Friday, January 27, 2017

January 22, 2017

Things don't always go as planned...

Last week ended off really well. Elder Feiloaki and I really endured to the end of the week to reach our goals. We hit all of our goals that we had sent. It was a good week and we ended it with a lot of new people to teach. We have been blessed a lot with people to teach, lots of people that are interested in hearing about the gospel. But there are never too many people to teach. So after of the week Elder Feiloaki and were just beat from the hard work, we did so much finding, knocked on so many doors. On saturday we had a good day planned but everything just kinda fell through and we ended up having to do more finding for about 3 hours. It was discouraging to be honest. But we didint give up, even though it was dark, and no one wants to listen we kept knocking. We had a goal to get 8 investigators at church yesterday, lots of people made promises. We were confident because of our last week attendance of 6. So we went to church and we waited and waited and only 1 of our investigators showed up. We were very happy to have her there, and she is making great progression, but still it was sad to have all the promises and they didint come through. But that is how it goes so there is no need to get down on it. We will keep trying and following up with those investigators that we teach. We have been teaching a great investigator who is very receptive. Ferdinand is his name he is about 50. He said he was going to church but he texted us Saturday night and said that he doesnt think its the right time because his family is hounding on him a bit because they are all pretty die hard baptists. Here in the Philippines people really want to be people pleasers and not make you upset so they will do whatever so no one is mad. Even if you are a 50 year old man with children they dont really make their own decisions for themselves. They just want to make others happy. Which is not always a bad thing but sometimes it is taken too far. I was mostly upset when our investigator Brother Fedi didint come to church with his family. We have been teaching them for a few weeks now and he is making great progress and he came to church once before with his son. We taught him last saturday and introduced him to some more members and then when Sunday came around he didint come :( We are going over there later tonight so we will see what happened. But he is making great progress and applying the things we teach in his life. We also found another great family. It is actually kind of a cool story. So one night last week my comp and I were knocking on doors. We were walking down this street we have been on hundreds of times and one night we walked past this alley type thing covered by a big gate, it was opened so we went down it and found lots of houses. We talked to the first guy we saw and he invited us in to teach it was a great lessons and we have had a few more with him and his wife, after that I went to the apartment next to his house and we knocked on the door and this lady came out about 30 years old with 2 kids. I introduced ourselves and she said oh yeah I met some of you back in my province, then she grabbed a lesson 1 pamphlet and a book of mormon from her house! Hahah she had been taught years about, about 6 years ago. So we set a time to come back because there was no male present. So we came back and taught her with a member and had a great lesson, then she said come back next time and teach my husband as well so we did and we taught them both and they are both super interested and we will be going back to them tomorrow.
Even though things dont always go to plan, there are always some sort of blessings you just have to find them.

I love you all! Thanks for being the best:)

Mckinley teaching at Zone Conference.

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