Monday, December 5, 2016

December 4, 2016

Heyyylo:) So yeah I am sorry but I dont know how great this email is gunna be cuz I am kinda rushin. But I love and miss you all!

But do you guys remember Elder Kirifi? We lived in the same house for 5 months then we became companions? Well he is my zone leader now and we went on exchanges the other day and it was just like the good ole days. We had a good day. He is definetly my best friend in the mission. WE had a good day of work and brought back some old comp memories so I have a lot of pics with him in this weeks email. This will probably be more of a picture email rather than a writing one. But the pictures will come in a separate email. 

I will just share a short experience that I had with Elder Kirifi while working. So there is this guy in their area (Eric) that just randomly came to church one day and wanted to learn more about the church. But this guy is, lets just say very "worldly" So I guess the old missionaries kind of got the wrong idea and didint think he was really there to investigate the church, more to investigate the girls haha. But I met the guy and yeah he is pretty worldly but I told the ZLs "Are you guys crazy? THis guy has been to church 3 weeks in a row and you havent taught him! Go teach that guy." So ELder Kirifi being new and not really knowing Eric, I took him to Erics house and we taught him the Restoration. Dang that guy is golden! Yes he has a lot of issues but the lesson was on of the best on my whole mission and the spirit was strong. He was just smiling the whole time and loved it. He had concerns like "I dont really know what my purpose is in life" " I am not afraid to die but I am scared where I will go" He has investigated a lot of churches but none really seemed to do it for him but I think this is his time to convert. It was a great time. I was so happy to teach him. Only if everyone we taught was like that.

But I love you all and hope life is good:)

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