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November 14, 2016

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Hey how goes it. 

First up I wanna apologize for my emails if they seem all about me. I know that sometimes I get carried away talking about myself. I will try to make them seem less mckinley mckinley and more on others. Try I said.

So my dreams came true last friday! I will be training a new missionary:))) I cant wait. This is my second time training I trained last year at this same time as well so its kinda cool that I will be training again but I have a year more experience so it will for sure be a different experience. Last time I trained a Filipino and I loved it but I would like to experience training a foreign missionary so I can introduce him to the amazing world of the Philippines and the Tagalog language which I have put so much effort into learning. So we will see but of course I will be happy no matter what.

JB and Christian came to church!! I was so excited. So Christian I think I have referenced him in my past emails but he is our progressing investigator who has the problem with the word of wisdom. But we gave him a plan that he would slowly decrease his smoking over two weeks, and he did:) Last sunday was his last day to smoke and when we visted him after church we asked him "Brother! naka ilan ka na? and he said "Wala na Elder" We were so excited that he stopped! Now we just continue our prayers that he will continue to resist his temptation to smoke. I have already seen a big change since I met him about 3 weeks ago. He seems so much happier and he listens more in church. I think it is his time:) And his friend JB is way awesome. He really wants to be baptized too. They really enjoyed the lesson we taught them about the plan of salvation and the things we have to do in order to obtain celestial glory. That is one of my favorite things to teach too. We have to live the gospel, so simple but so many things with in it. faith, repentance, baptism, receive the gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end. If we do all of it, hey were good. Easier said then done, no? 

But yeah the mission is really awesome and it is just so amazing to see peoples change here and to see how much the gospel blesses their lives. Just the other day I ran into a member from my first area and I was able to talk to him about those that I baptized in my first area and I was so happy to hear how active they were! Even one is getting ready to serve a mission! So awesome. So many blessings. I am so blessed honestly to have met certain people here and I dont think there will be any other better feeling than going to heaven and seeing those that I baptized. What a happy reunion. Gods plan is really so amazing. 

Yesterday I watched the 2011 version of "The Restoration" movie. I really love that movie and I love the story of Joseph Smith. So amazing. I realized in that movie the confusion and all the unanswered questions people had. They lived in darkness. But little by little Joseph Smith was given amazing revelation on what Gods plan really is and I am just very grateful for it.

I am excited for this next transfer coming up. I will be going down to the mission office to pick up my trainee tomorrow and I am stoked for that. So I will email you all next week! I love you all! Thanks for being there for me always! 

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