Monday, December 5, 2016

November 20, 2016

What is the haps boys and girls?!?! I miss you all!!

Man what a week! It was enjoyable. A lot happened. I got my wish and I am now a proud owner of a "greenie" He is from New Zealand but is 100% Tongan. Get ready for his name... Elder Fe'iloaki. Yes have fun trying to pronounce that. It took me a couple days to be honest, but I got it down. FE-EE-LAW-A-KI. I have always loved the islanders (shhh dont tell anyone but I wanted to serve in Tonga) and I am so happy that I got one as a comp! They are so nice and funny and great people. Especially my comp he is really cool and a super nice guy. He is a big guy so I dont have to worry about getting held up here. He is a rugby player and he got a scholarship to play rugby in Australia but he turned it down so he could serve a mission which is way cool. But the story of how I went to go pick him up was pretty interesting... So last wednesday I met up with another guy in my zone and we planned to go down together to pick up our trainees at the mission office. So the area we were in is about 2 hours away from the office but I knew of a shortcut that could get us there in about an hour. So we took off and headed on the journey of jeepneys to get to the office. So as we headed off on the first jeep we found out about 20 minutes in that the short cut was closed so the jeep driver had to take a big detour to a way I didint know so as he was making the detour I panicked and we jumped off the jeep and ran to go find a taxi to take us straight there because we had no clue where we were, but we were in the middle of no where and the taxis were no where insight. So we put trust in a tricycle driver to take us to a place where we could get a different jeep heading to the office so we did and he took us to a jeep and we were relieved but the problem was we were already 30 minutes late to the meeting... But we sat patiently in the jeep and waited to get there but then we hit heavy traffic then we lost our patience and decided to hop off and run. So there we are at 11:45 am and it is getting hot and we are wearing our missionary clothes. 2 americans just booking it down a road making to the office. Hahah it was quite the experience but we got there even though we were 1 hour late we still made it all good and we got our new companions!

So yeah now I have my new comp Elder Feiloaki. But it is harder than I thought to train a non filipino missionary haha. He cant speak the language at all but he is trying hard so that is good. But I am left to do most of all the talking and teaching but that will get better over time as we practice. We have been doing a lot of practice teaching and I have enjoyed doing that it has been fun. Last night we did practice teaching of introducing the Book of Mormon my comp was struggling a bit to explain it but we were able to work through and teach him how to present it. Then I said "Okay lets do it one last time, go out with a bang!" So we did a role play and he explained the book of mormon to me and I was just a guy on the street. So he did it and it was pretty good and I could tell that he liked it as well. Then I hardened my head a little as the investigator and I showed the scripture in Revelation 22:18-19 and told him to explain to me how the Book of Mormon is not an addition. Hahaha it was funny, ya just had to be there. But yeah I am doing my best to help him learn and participate the most he can and he will learn a lot.

So yesterday our investigator Brother Christian came to church again and stayed all 3 hours with his family. And....... He hasnt smoked in a week! Yeeeeeee we are so excited for him! He is making great progress. He is really doing his best to get rid of smoking problems and he is doing a great job of it. He is reading more, participating in church, and keeping commitments. I am very excited for him to continue and get ready for his baptism on December 17! We also are teaching another family right now. The Manuel family. They havent come to church yet but they are committed to be baptized next month. They know the message is true and are keeping all of their commitments and making great progress, now we just need to help them and pray for them to attend church this week.

During work this week I found a lot of success by using "inspired questions" in my tracting and street contacting approaches. We have a little list of inspired questions that the mission has and as I was finding new people I would use some of these questions like "if you knew there was another volume of scripture that was written by prophets that testified of Christ, would you read it?" This is a great segway to introduce the Book of Mormon and so far we have found 7 new investigators these past couple days using inspired questions and teaching the Restoration and we extend baptismal invitations on the first visit, so it has been cool and my comp and I have been really enjoying it.

So these next 3 months I will be in the same area with my trainee right now so my goal is just to really lose myself in the work and do all I can to help Elder Feiloaki. Then after that 3 months I will most likely be transferred to my LAST AREA. Crazy... Time is going by too fast!

I love you all and thank you so much for all your support!

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