Friday, August 5, 2016

July 18, 2016

Hey guys, hows it going.
Im not really sure how many people actually read this but hopefully my letters are getting a little better lately.
So this past week was strange. My comp didint actually get here until a couple days after transfers because he was in the hospital getting surgery but he is here now and he is way awesome! Elder Abay from Camerin De Sur Philippines! He is a way funny and fun guy. We have been getting along well these past few days.
I am a little sad right now for my area. Things were going well but they are slowly taking a detour. We had a family that was supposed to be baptized on the 30th but they missed church 2 weeks in a row and now we have to postpone the baptism until the end of August which is a big bummer but its okay that will just give us more time to prepare them for their baptism. Also some of our other investigators arent coming to church much and not really keeping their commitments so it kinda just feels like a stab to the heart because I feel like I am failing as a missionary if my investigators are losing the fire or something. I dont know its just tough. Also finding new investigators has been really hard lately too. It just seems like everyone that we talk to just does not want to listen at all hha. I am not trying to write negatively because I know things will be okay and I believe strongly that I am growing from my experiences but no one ever said you have to love the tough times haha just endure. 

My biggest task right now until the end of my mission is to learn how to love and be meek and not go home with any regrets. So if any of you have any advice on that I would love to hear it. One issue that I have for myself is that I am really hard on myself so I feel like a lot of things are my fault or that I am failing so I am scared that I will go home worried and a failure ahhaah sounds a little harsh but thats what I feel.
We have one really great investigator right now named Vergillo and he is awesome. He has come to church the last 2 weeks and we are helping him get over a smoking problem and he has been progressing! He is a great guy. We are actually teaching his whole family but they are not progressing as well.
I am actually really happy right now I just have some concerns, I am learning a lot and its just a blessing because I am changing a lot so I can become the person I need to be when I come home. Everybody has that point in their mission where they just dont know what to do or whats going to happen and I feel like I have hit that point now haha. But of course I am not close to giving up I am giving it my all everyday. Maybe sometimes I could try harder in some aspects but I am learning along the way.
Sorry if this letter came off as complaining or whining. I dont mean it to be. But things are good and I know things will get better. Missions are weird, awesome, hard, happy and a whole pot of mixed emotions but its the best 2 years of my life:)

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