Monday, August 8, 2016

August 7, 2016

I really did not have much happen this week to be honest. Well a lot happened. But I just failed to take some notes on what to email you all. Sorry its lame. I will say that it was way freakin hot this past week for a few days. When I go out to work I am not sure why but my lower back is just sooooooo sweaty. Geeze its like a swimming pool. I have no clue why.

We will be really busy this week, we have pday today, exchanges with the assistants tomorrow, then meetings on wednesday then exchanges with our district leaders on thursday. So this upcoming week will go by way fast I think then next week is the last week of the transfer which is just crazy how fast that happens.

Wake me up when September ends (so it wont be so hot anymore)

Our progressing investigators are doing well. Especially the Martinez family. THey have been to church many times, but they always where street clothes and I didint want to comment about it to see if they had some more formal clothes because I didint want to make them feel bad. But yesterday the whole family came in wearing church clothes and it was so awesome. I can tell they are really starting to fit in and it is great.

I challenged our Elders Quorum and youngmen yesterday that if they gave us 10 referrals by the end of august I would host a little ice cream party at the church in september. They seemed to get excited about it so hopefully it goes through.

Life is good. There is a possibility that I might get transferred in a couple weeks and get a different leadership position but we will see its about 50/50. No matter where I am or where I will go. I will just do my best and make the best out of everything. Its the only smart thing to do. For me and for others. 

Enjoy these couple pictures

This is for Carter Swift. This is brother Jean Marc. A less active from france that lives in my area

and these are pictures on top of the house of martinez

love you all

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