Friday, August 5, 2016

July 31, 2016

Magandang hapon mga kapatid, umaasa ako na lahat kayo ay okay lang. Lagi ako nagdarasal para sa inyo. Actually sa tingin ko kailangan ko maging mas magaling sa pagdarasal. Minsan pag gabi talaga sobrang pagod ako so mahirap para sa aking na magdasal. Pero ayos lang. Buhay pa rin. Ang linggo ko ay okay lang. Lagi ko binabasa ang aklat ni moron para palakasin ang aking kaalaman at pananampalataya. Meron kaming isang pamilya na nagsisimba ngayon. Sobrang astig sila. Martinez ang apelyido nila. Yung nanay ay si Jenifer and yung mga anak niya sina Joy, daisy, and Jonathan. Mabibinyagan sila sa august 27.

Mahal ko kayo!

Hello family and friends, 

Hope you all enjoyed a small taste of Tagalog. If you didint really get it, thats okay now you know how I felt the first 5 months of my mission. haha

Things are changing a lot in my area right now and a lot has changed. My new companion Elder Abay is really cool but still kinda hard right now with the adjustment. I feel like I am doing everything by myself haha but I understand because thats kinda how it is when you come into a new area you kinda rely on the last companion to do stuff but I am gunna help Elder Abay this week to start taking on some more zone leader responsibility. Also this next transfer our area will be split into two areas now. So we are gaining another companionship. So our ward will now have 2 sets of missionaries rather than one. I am not sure if I will still be in the area but I most likely will. Things are also taking a weird turn in this area. When I was here with Elder Christensen it was really easy to get lessons and teach and stuff but for some reason there has been a huge 180 and things are getting really difficult haha. I dont get mad or discouraged or anything I just kinda laugh to myself because I know that this is a trial and I gotta figure out how to work through it. But sometimes I do get annoyed, which I need to get better at. But we plan well and we have back ups and stuff but then boom they all fall through! Even our back ups so I just end up like a deer in the headlights not really knowing what to do. THen I get a little frustrated because we have no where to go so we go tracting. Which is not a problem but its kinda of difficult to do here. Then when we go tracting hahahah NOOO body wants to listen to us. (I am not murmuring or complaining I am just explaining) I just think its funny because I am witnessing right before my eyes the things that happens to all missionaries. They are doing awesome and everything goes really well then all of a sudden BOOM 180. Its happening to me right now haha. But thats okay there is always a way to get through it and we will find it.

Right now we have 2 progressing families coming to church. The first is the Martinez family and they are way cool. There is 6 of them that come to church and only 4 can be baptized because of age. But they are loving church and becoming really involved in the ward and getting fellow shipped well. We just have to continue strengthening and teaching them so that when august 27 comes they can be baptized. The other family that we have is a part member family. The mom is a less active and we are teaching her 2 step daughters who are 17 and 9. THey are kinda rich. We teach them down in the rich part of our area. THe 17 year old investigator Carmella is pretty dang golden. She is like the ideal investigator. She is very curious and keeps all our commitments. She told us that before she never really wanted to listen to church stuff or read the bible but when we came and started teaching she gained a big interest and now she even brings her book of mormon to school and she reads during her class haha.

I have been really trying to study the Book of Mormon lately and its hard. Because I dont really know exactly how to "study" it. But I have this guide that I have been using it and I read that with the scriptures and I have been learning a lot. I am really enjoying it. Its kind of amazing how much I did not know before my mission. I was really missing out. I NEVER read the scriptures I was always so so distracted by the things of the world. THat just shows that Satan is getting really good with distracting us. I remember that even when I was preparing for my mission I could barely even read the scriptures let alone understand them and apply them to peoples lives. But now its starting to become more clear to me and I am seeing the connections and the needs and I am understanding so much about how involved these prophets of old were in our daily lives right now. They knew what we needed by the Spirit of God. 

I cant believe its already August haha. Your summer is almost done! I remember back home that 3 months was a long time and that summer would go by kinda fast but there was still a lot of time but here hahaha man here 3 months is soooo quick and you guys are already back in school soon. One more year of school and ill be back baby. Watch out cuz I am comin in HOT!

Yesterday is HISTORY, Tomorrow is a MYSTERY, Today is a GIFT. Thats why it is called the... present...

Enjoy your days. Dont let them go by as a waste. Do something good and worthwhile. I love you all so much!


So these pics

Something we call a "boodle fight" the green leaves are from a banana tree and you lay down rice and "ulam" (main dish) and you eat with your hands!

Picture of some handsome missionaries before they went to work

Baptism of byron we had a few weeks ago

view of our apartment (random)

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