Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 22, 2016

Hey everyone I just want to really thank you so much for all of your pictures and emails they really make me happy and I am so glad to see you all so happy.

This past week has been really busy. It has been fun though. We had a lot of stuff to do for the zone. Our zone is the Fair View zone and they are doing pretty well right now. We are in the top of the mission right now. (not that that matters) but yeah were pretty good. But really our zone is just blessed with just a lot of receptive people ready to hear the gospel. The field is really white and ready to harvest here. Especially for my area. Last Friday we had 6 baptismal interviews for our investigators and they all passed! So next Saturday we will have 6 baptisms:) 2 great amazing families. I will send the pictures of the baptism next week and talk more about that families. Our hard work has definitely paid off, but its not done yet still work to do. So tomorrow is transfer day and I will not be transfering I will do a total of 6 months in this area haha. Which means my first area and this area are half of my whole mission. But I am excited still. Even though I know just about every street and shortcut in this whole area only gives me the advantage I guess haha. I will be with Elder Abay again here which is going pretty well.

Last saturday I had exchanges with one of our District Leaders who is way good. Really cool guy. Our plans for that day were very iffy because our area is split so we were working in a small part of our area. So most of the day we tracted. Knocked on doors in the POURING rain. HAhaha my shoes were absolutely soaked, my socks were absolutely soaked. I was just wet. It doesnt help either that my shoes are starting to get holes in the bottoms haha. But it was a good day. I learned a lot. 

Lately I have been feeling kinda like something is missing. But recently I started to really do A LOT and deep scripture study. It has been really awesome. I feel so much happier, so much more motivated. It really is great what scripture study can do. This past week I have been thinking about and studying about obedience. This is a great topic. I was thinking about my obedience over my whole mission. I noticed that the first 6 months of mission I really was not that obedient. But now I feel like I am really obedient and I have gained a personal testimony of obedience on how it makes you happy and sets you free. Im gunna insert a part of my letter to my President here in this email about obedience.

This past week as I was doing my deep study I was studying about Obedience. I really loved it. Obedience is a very short part of PMG but I spent a total of a few hours just on studying that section and I havent even finished reading the suggested scriptures. I formulated a definition of obedience using scriptures that I enjoyed. "Obedience is giving up something willingly (1 Nephi 2:3) to take upon you the will of the father (Mosiah 15:7) and become his servant (mosiah 5:8, 1corinthians 7:22). One thing I have really learned on my mission is the importance of obedience. Obedience is the first law of heaven. It sets us free!! At first I thought being obedient kind of kept you away from things, but I have slowly learned that it really sets us free. Being obedient is an act of faith and expressing love to our father in heaven who knows everything! I know I am not absolutely perfect at being obedient but I really have blessings from trying.

I love and miss all of you back home. Thank you for all you do:)

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