Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 15, 2016

Okay I failed, I only have about 8 minutes left to write. I have a few cool things to say so I will just cut to the chase. So this week was good. It rained SOOOOOOO much and its still raining. Man we got sooo soaked while we were working. But it was actually really fun and happy so thats good.

The other day I had exchanges with one of our district leaders and it was a really good day. We kept getting lessons and lessons and it was just flowing well. Then at about 7:45 we had our last lesson and we got out at about 8:15 and then we had no more plans. I was so convinced to just go get some food and head home buttt I knew it was not the right thing to do. We did go buy some food real quick and even though we were so close to home I thought that we should go visit a member along the way. So we went and taught the family. Turns out the dad was sick and he was really wanting a priesthood blessing but there was no one close to give one. So we were able to bless him and he was so thankful. So that was a blessing for being obedient.

Then last week I had exchanges with one of the assistants and that was a great experience. I have no time to write about it but it was good. 

NOw I will copy something that I wrote to our President in my weekly letter to him.

Last week while we were traveling to the assistants for exchanges Elder Abay and I had a cool experience. So it actually started to rain and we had a lot of stuff to bring so we decided to just take a taxi. After about 4 or 5 went by we finally got one. I always love sharing the gospel while I am in the taxi because the driver cant resist it haha. He already let us in and he cant say no to listening. So we started talking about the gospel. Turns out the driver lives in our area and his daughter was one of our former investigators. We had a good discussion with him and we are going back to his house tomorrow to share to his family. Priesthood holder and family. Score. 

Love you all!! Thanks for the love


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