Friday, August 5, 2016

July 24, 2016

So this last week we had a really good week. A lot went on with teaching and finding and it was great. We found a lot of great new people to teach. One of which is a cool story. About a month ago Elder Christensen and I were at church and we saw this lady come in with like 2 of her young kids. I was really busy talking to investigators and trying to get them all to the right class that I didint have much time to talk to this lady but I asked her "are you a member?" and she said yes so I said oh great nice to meet you then went quickly back to my investigators. But turns out she is the only member of her family of  5 that are members. After church she was gone and I felt upset that I didint talk to her longer to get her information so we could come teach her and her family. But I thought it was okay because she would just come the next week but she didint. I felt really bad then because I missed my opportunity to teach the gospel to a family ready to hear it. Then the next week she didint come again. Then I just thought well thats it there goes my chance. But I remember I prayed and I asked God to just give me some opportunity to talk to her again to be able to teach her family. THEN last monday we were riding on a jeepney and she got on the jeep!!! I was shocked I was like "ahhhhhhhh, sister sister sister!!! Where do you live????? THen I got her address and now we are teaching her family which is really cool. One really cool experience. Sadly they didint come to church yesterday haha.  We currently have another family right now that we are teaching. The Martinez family. They are progressing really well and they are set to baptized on August 27 which I am really excited for. That will be a happy day. Sister Jennifer is the mom and 3 of her kids will be baptized as well. Sister Jennifers husband died a few years ago and she has 7 kids and 3 right now listen to us right now hopefully we can get the 2 older ones soon and the other 2 younger ones are not old enought to be baptized but they are really awesome. The little kids are so cute. 

Even though I am very lucky to be here in the Philippines with a lot of receptive people the challenge is still there for baptisms. I dont know if I have told you the requirements in the past but in order to be baptized here you have to come to church at least 4 consecutive sundays, if they have a word of wisdom problem, they have to give it up for 4 weeks before baptism, they have to receive all the missionary lessons. There are a few more but yeah its a challenge but it really creates some great converts and they are truly ready for baptism. So when we set baptismal dates for people we have to at least set them 1 month away sometimes even longer if they have word of wisdom or law of chastity problems.

My new comp Elder Abay is really cool. One of the coolest Filipinos I have met in the mission. But he always loses his money hahah just today he lost his wallet. This guy forgets everything hahah gosh, but its okay I am trying to help him I can tell he doesnt really want to be a zone leader, he thinks he is inadequate but I know he can do it. It will just take some time for him to get used to it. 

There are a lot of stressful events going on right now in this area in and zone but its good because it builds character and its never good to get really comfortable in your work, you always want to be striving to get better. Thats exactly what I am doing so thats good. 

This week has started off a little slow because we have had a lot to do with meetings and stuff but starting tomorrow we will start having let distractions and we can go back to teaching and baptizing:) So thats the fun part!

I love and miss all of you!! ALways remember to Piliin ang Tama
I have been really trying to study the Book of Mormon lately and its hard. Because I dont really know exactly how to "study" it. But I have this guide that I have been using it and I read that with the scriptures and I have been learning a lot. I am really enjoying it. Its kind of amazing how much I did not know before my mission. I was really missing out. I NEVER read the scriptures I was always so so distracted by the things of the world. THat just shows that Satan is getting really good with distracting us. I remember that even when I was preparing for my mission I could barely even read the scriptures let alone understand them and apply them to peoples lives. But now its starting to become more clear to me and I am seeing the connections and the needs and I am understanding so much about how involved these prophets of old were in our daily lives right now. They knew what we needed by the Spirit of God. 

I cant believe its already August haha. Your summer is almost done! I remember back home that 3 months was a long time and that summer would go by kinda fast but there was still a lot of time but here hahaha man here 3 months is soooo quick and you guys are already back in school soon. One more year of school and ill be back baby. Watch out cuz I am comin in HOT!

Yesterday is HISTORY, Tomorrow is a MYSTERY, Today is a GIFT. Thats why it is called the... present...

Enjoy your days. Dont let them go by as a waste. Do something good and worthwhile. I love you all so much!


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