Monday, April 24, 2017

February 19, 2017

Hoooooollllyyyy cow it was cold in the Philippines last week. I dont know if it was on the news, maybe not actually. I didint actually realize how adjusted I was to the Philippines heat. We got down to about 65 degrees and I was freezing... Literally was cold. I slept in those clothes you see in the picture with a blanket.... I actually got pretty sick because I got so cold. It was strange. I am just now getting over my cold, and it has warmed up a bit and I am enjoying the weather now. 

The area is struggling a bit right now. To be all honest I didint try my best last week which I regret. I didint really give it my all, I just felt overwhelmed for a few days because of my illness, the new area, the "greenieness" of my companion, and just not really knowing what to do. But I wont let it happen again this week. I have just been going through a big adjustment stage. But we had a good day yesterday at church. I went in just wanting to become closer with some of the members so I went around talking to them and we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader who is a cool guy, and we also met with our bishop who gave us a couple of assignments which we will go and accomplish this week. The area is just honestly pretty dead and we need to bring it back to life. Most of the past missionaries didint work too hard and we were pretty disobedient so there isn too much in the area. But I hope that this week and the rest of the weeks in this transfer we can turn stuff around so we can have a more enjoyable less stressful last 2 transfers.   

I am excited because this upcoming thursday we get to listen to David A Bednar speak. IT will be such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. He is one of my favorite speakers and I know it will be a great experience. 

Sorry not too much to write, I love you all! Keep it real this week

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