Monday, February 13, 2017

February 12, 2017

Well here I am now in my new area of San Jose Del Monte, SJDM zone. I never thought I would make it out here but I am here. This zone used to be called the "promised land" back in the day when I was new. I used to always wish I would come here and even better to have it as my last area, and it has happened. Upon arrival it is actually not too much of a promised land after all hahaha. But it is still great. The area just needs a lot of work and some help. It seems like thats what my President is doing, he just tossing me into areas that need help. Well hopefully we can do some good things here. My new companion is Elder Miranda! He is way awesome hahaha. He is super funny. Most of my other Filipino companions have been a lil awkward or quiet. But me and Elder Miranda have got along really well already. He is new, so I am following up his training. Elder Miranda is actually assigned to the Gilbert, Arizona mission so he is just waiting it out here to get his visa, he will most likely leave in about may. The area is kinda in a rut right now and it is kind of a struggle because we only have a meeting house and the church is far from where most of the members are and so its hard to find investigators that can make it to church. But everything is going to get better from here. I dont like being new in an area but it is also fun. This mission is cool because EVERY area is different in some way. Different, lay out, different people. different style of living, and even a different way of speaking sometimes. So it is cool to explore a new part of the mission. This will most likely be my last area. Most of the time a missionary will stay in an area for about 4 months and the longest is usually 6 or 7 but since I only have about 4 months left I will most likely finish off here. My experience at church yesterday was quite interesting. The meeting house is on the second floor building on top of a hardware store right next to a main road so it is kind of noisy. We are still a ward so a lot of people go to church but you can barely here the speakers because the inside is so loud with people being kind of disrespectful and talking and the normal occasional kid running around and being loud. We didint have any investigators at church yesterday but I got news from my last area and we had 8 there! So it makes me happy to know that I left that area in a good spot, now I have to do the same here.  

I am kinda running out of time but I love you all! Thanks for being the best:)

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