Monday, April 24, 2017

March 26, 2017

Well this week was great. Loved it. Love you. We had a lot of fun being in a trio with Elder Miranda and Elder Slade. But now my beloved companion Elder Miranda headed out today to go to his real mission in the Gilbert, Arizona mission. He will be missed. I learned a lot from him and had an awesome time with him. This last sunday was the coolest day in my mission. We woke up and just had a good sabbath morning, had some church music playing, we took our time getting ready and we headed out the door at 8am to pick up our investigator Brother Alfredo. So we took a tricycle down to his house and picked him up. Then we got a text from our other investigator to go pick them up so good thing they are neighbors with Brother Alfredo so we just stopped by there and got them. This is where the interesting part comes in. There was us 3 Elders, 4 investigators, and the trike driver. Now a trike should really only take 6 people including the driver but there was 8 of us hahaha. So we put all of us on the trike like a puzzle and Elder Miranda and I hung on the back of the trike as we drove to church haha it was pretty awesome. That is what one of those pictures I sent. Then we arrived to the meeting house and we were all so happy because we had 3 investigators at church which is pretty low but good for this area. Then I was a part member family that we teach popped into my head that lives right next to the church, so us 3 walked down to her house to remind her about church and she was out planting something and she looked at us and said "Oh dang it I forgot! Then she ran into her house to get ready but she ended coming with her investigator daughter. Then 2 members brought their friends so there was 6, what a blessing. Then as we were sitting in sacrament meeting we got a text from this young mother we found tracting yesterday, she said she was on her way with her kids! We were shocked haha so she came a lil late but still made it! So we ended up with 8 investigators at church:) It was so awesome I was so happy. The only thing that upset me was that there are always a lot of members that come in late and sit in the back and are SO loud and we like cant even hear the speakers, so I was just praying that our investigators would at least feel something, I was pretty upset. But we made up for it in our Gospel Principles class. I taught the lesson. It was about Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Chapter 18. It was okay I thought considering I had no preparation. I enjoy teaching. I hope I can do some teaching in church when I get back, that is something I really love to do. Faith is the principle of action and power. Everything we do has to do with faith. Would we turn on the computer if we didint believe it would turn on and work? Would I type these keys if I didint believe that they would make letters appear on the screen? But church was good, very rewarding. Goodness gracious time is coming to an end. I gotta make the best of it. I seriously love the people here haha they are so awesome. I might cry my eyes out when I leave. I seriously have made the bestest friends here and I wont forget them, even though I might forget their names because I have learned I absolutely suck with names but life goes on. Hopefully Elder Slade and I can do somethin with this area and leave it awesome before I head out. Anyways love yous have a great week:)

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