Monday, April 24, 2017

March 20, 2017

Today has been a full day so far it has been a lot of fun. We woke up at 6 and went to a members house to play volley ball and they fed us breakfast, it was delicious. Then we headed straight to the church to play basketball. Since having a basketball court right outside our house we play basketball a lot and I am starting to really like it haha, I kind of wished I played in highschool then I would actually be good right now. But the members here in the Philippines love basketball and so does the whole Philippines. Its like their favorite. But a lot of them dont have running or basketball shoes so you will see very very often people playing in flip flops or just bare feet, I have tried it and its hard haha but the people here are dang good even with flip flops.

So transfers are tomorrow. I will not be leaving this area I will be staying. My companion got his visa so he will be heading to Arizona at any given moment. So tomorrow we will gain one more companion and we will become a 3 sum as they call it here. His name is Elder Slade, he is from St George Utah. He is pretty new as well. He is batch mates with Elder Feiloaki. He will most likely be my last companion. So it will be fun and we will do some good work.

Since I only have 12 weeks does anyone have any ideas on some things I can do to work on to accomplish, like something different I could do everyweek, goal type of things. I have a few things in mind but let me know if you got anything.

Oh yeah I turn 20 tomorrow which is the weirdest thing in the world to me. I always thought growing up when I was 10 14 17 I always thought, "I wonder what kind of person I will be and how different I will be when I am 20?" It seemed so weird and far away but now its here... Weird. My next birthday will be in the states.

This last week I had a realization. I noticed that we have been teaching lesson 1 pretty poorly and not the way it should be. I fell into what preach my gospel says, "a rote presentation" Almost like me and Elder Miranda were actors memorizing lines. Obviously we didint memorize what to say but it felt the same always. So I really took a good study in chapter 10 of PMG and my eyes were opened. I found out ways on how a first visit should be, and how we can capture the attention. After that study our lesson ones are totally different now and so much better.

It is really cool now to see the difference and how receptive the people are, I hope to really help people come along this week and do some good.

We have an investigator, we knocked on his door last week. His name is Alfredo, he is awesome. He has been Catholic, Muslim, and Born Again. But he is very receptive and he is loving our lessons. His wife has cancer and is kind of on the edge so he is really enjoying the truth with him. 

I love you all! Have a good week:)

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