Monday, April 24, 2017

March 12, 2017

Sorry I dont know what much to say... I kind of drew a blank from this last week... It wasnt super duper awesome and it wasnt super duper bad... Okay ill just try and write some stuff.

So this past week not a ton happened in the area which is not a good thing. We taught some good lessons but we had some stuff to do. My companion went to Manila for a couple days to get his interview for his visa. He passed! So he could leave any minute to Arizona Gilbert mission. Then I went up to Manila is well to talk to someone from the Area then we had a meeting at the office so not too much time in the area. But the time we did spend in the area I thought was good we had some good lessons. Shared lessons and love to a lot of less actives and investigators and had a lot of promises that they would come to church!! We expected to have about 7 and we were excited! Butttt when sunday came around, we waited and waited ANDDD no one that we taught or invited came. So we have been discussing about what we need to do more to get these people to come to church. 

Its actually kinda sad because you seem them and there families active and happy you can see it happening but hey just wont do it. Especially this one less active family that we teach sometimes the Salagan family. They were sealed in the temple and the father used to be a branch president then he got called to the district presidency back in the day but now they are inactive, the mother and the daughters dont really want to listen. They are never together and I just think about how much of a difference it would make if there family was just active. They have a 16 year old son Lawrence and we teach him often. He tells he wants to go to church but we wants his family to go. So we taught him about Nephi and how Nephi was basically the foundation of that family. Even Lehi murmured at times. But Nephi was always strong and I thought about how if Nephi kinda was just lazy and didint do much then they never would have gotten to the promised land, they never would of made it through hardships, I mean look at what happened to the Lamanites. We never would of had the book of mormon. Even though Nephi was the youngest in the family he was the strongest. So we taught lawernce about how he needed to become like Nephi and set the example for his family. He seemed to really feel the spirit of the lesson but when sunday came around, we waited for him to meet up with us to come to church but he didint come. So its disappointing when you want a lot for someone but they just dont seem to make the right choice.  Im sure my parents felt that a lot with me when I just wouldnt do what I should haha. But I am here now and I am glad that I have learned.

Sorry it was a short letter, but I love you all have a good week!

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