Monday, April 24, 2017

March 5, 2017

So this week was the first week of living our new missionary schedule. We had a zone conference last tuesday and we watched the world wide missionary broadcast. It was really good, the church is really changing the way they run things, it proves modern day revelation is real and necessary. Instead of the missionary department just holding a day of talks from the department in front of an audience of missionaries they just filmed 7 of them in a conference room going over some awesome topics about missionary work, nothing scripted just 3 apostles and some 70 and Bonnie Oscarson talking about missionary work and being guided by the spirit it was really cool. We got to hear David A Bednar pray and that was just really cool to hear an apostle pray. So our new schedule just gives us some more time and some more freedom. We can schedule our working and studying hours whenever we want now and we do planning in the morning instead of at night. Ill just go through our regular daily schedule. So 6:30 wake up, pray, exercise, eat, shower and that is until 8;30 which is new and very nice because we actually have sufficient time to exercise and get ready in the morning. Then from 8;30 until 9 we plan for the day then 9-10 we do personal study. So when 10 comes we can either just head out to work or finish out studies because we still have to fit in 1 hour of companionship study and 1 hour of language study. But basically it says 10am-9pm we work but we have 2 hours of study and 1 hour for lunch and 30 mins for dinner. So a couple times last week we headed out at 10 and then came home at 12 to eat and study and we went out at 3 again to work. WHich I personally love because the hours from 12-3 are very difficult to work in. It is hot, everyone is sleeping, families are not together so its just better to study and then head out in the afternoon around 3 when people are more active. So that was a cool change. THen when 9pmcomes we are free do as we want at the house, we can go to sleep right away, write in our journals, extra study and then we head to bed at about 10:30. So thats the new schedule, I like it. It is way more effective. 

I had a few baptism interviews to do last saturday and I love doing those. It is always a time where I feel inspired and lifted up by the strong by simple testimonies of these investigators. The first one that I did was going okay until I found out that he was not living the Word of Wisdom so I couldnt let him pass the interview, but I will interview him again in a couple weeks.  But the two that I had after were awesome! They are so prepared. It was a mother and her son. The mom is very strong and has a strong testimony and knowledge of the gospel. It was great to interview her and hear her awesome testimony. What was even more inspiring to me was her 9 year old son who has awesome knowledge of the gospel! I was blown away by the things he knew and only being 9 years old. I can most definitely see him being a missionary one day and helping a lot of people. 

Yeah so this last week we were knocking on doors and we knocked on this door/gate and there was this guy laying on a couch and he looked young about teenage years. So we asked if his parents were home and he said "Uhh what do you need them for?" In perfect english haha I was pretty surprised so I just started talking to him in English. He let us in but I guess the other people in his house didint wanna come out so he said we could just teach him. He is 19 years old and his name is Clement. I asked him why he was so dang good at english and he explained that back in his province at his school he was friends with Americans. I could tell this guy was really smart and went to a good school especially because he was so good at english. He told us that his dad was still back in the province and his mom is working in Russia. So we taught him a good first lesson and he said we could come back. So we called him and texted him and stopped by his house but we could not get a hold of him. We thought that he might of blocked our number haha. So we used another companionships number to call him and he answered! AHA! GOT HIM! I said "Hey, its Elder Webb!" He said oh hey! and was pretty surprised but he told us to come back on sunday at 1 so we did and we got to teach him again! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and it was a great lesson! He testified and promised him that the Book of Mormon will really help him in his life. He felt the spirit and agreed to read and pray about the book so we will hopefully be meeting up with him again tomorrow afternoon. 

So my companion ELder Miranda is super awesome, he is waiting for his visa here right now because his real mission is in Arizona. So he finally got his interview at the US Embassies here tomorrow. So he will leave tomorrow morning and get going on that. He might be leaving pretty soon which is great but sad because he is cool and I dont want to get another companion haha. 

Anyways that was the week, hopefully it was a little interesting. I love you have a great week!!

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