Monday, March 7, 2016

Holy crudddd its hottttttt

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Magandang umaga sa inyo lahat!!! Grabe soooooobrang mahinit dito ngayon. Parang mamamatay na ako.

Yeah its waaayyyyyyy hot here now hahaha. Summer is coming and it is just soo humid. Man I have not experienced this yet. I am just so freakin glad I am not in the city because it would be ten times worse. So this was a really fun last week. Elder Ubias one of my kabahays (roomate) is gone now. He went home today so we did a lot of fun stuff this last week before he left. The best part about this week was our 3 baptisms we had. Mar, John Carlo, and Rovin. The other companionship in my ward which are my kabahays also had 3 baptisms. So that means our ward had 6 baptisms! Pretty awesome eh? They were all youth but they were all strong converts and they really make a great addition to the youth in our ward. 

Too be honest I do not have a ton to say this week. So hopefully the pictures will make up for it.

So we had transfer announcements yesterday and I am staying up here in San Miguel. Which I like it here so thats good. But my companion Elder Lorenzo is leaving. So that means I need a new comp... 

......this is where it gets good.......

So in my last area in Caloocan I had a few different kabahays. Elder Bermoy, Elder Christensen, Elder Kirifi, and Elder Guiellermo. Elder Kirifi was like my favorite kabahay and like my best friend in the mission. I went on exchanges with him once as well and we had a lot of fun and worked hard. So the good news is 


Man when I heard that news I was soooo excited! Man it will be so awesome to have a foreigner companion. I love the filipinos but having someone outside the philippines as a comp will be a fun change. I am worried about my Tagalog though ahaha because we will be speaking English a lot so I will probably slow down my Tagalog a bit but I will keep doing my best at it of course. 

So yeah that has been my week. Today we arent gunna do anything too special, maybe just go eat, shop, maybe go pick some mangos sooo yeah!

Love you all so much!

Elder Webb

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