Monday, March 14, 2016

March 13, 2016


Well I guess I am on too early for yall... Cuz I have 1 email and thats from Elli. So thats why she is my favorite...

Haha but its okay I understand you guys are busy and its probably too cold for you guys to type over there!;)

So it is the beginning of a new transfer! Man its my 7th transfer already. Time is flying. So I am still in the same place, San Miguel and it is going great!! I have a new companion Elder Kirifi and I love this guy he is awesome! He is from New Zealand and he is a great missionary! We both want to work hard and we both have the same vision for the area so things are going great so far. The only weird thing is that he is my first foreigner companion. Its kinda funny how different the people treat you here when they see 2 foreigners instead of one Filipino and American. But Elder Kirifi and I are both pretty good at Tagalog so we dont have a huge problem with it. But the work has been a lot of fun because Elder Kirifi and I get a long so well so the days kinda just fly by and we have a lot of fun. 

Since I have been here we havent really had any meetings with the branch which kinda sucks. But yesterday all four of us had a meeting with the branch president to kinda sort things out and try to get a new Branch Ward Mission Leader (because our current one is less active) But yeah we set some way good goals for this transfer to make it good.

Just these last few days we have found some solid new investigators. 

So right now we have 3 progressing investigators and they are all youth. I like teaching and baptizing youth but Elder Kirifi and I want to find some families this transfer and some more older and mature investigators just to add some balance to our branch because we have a lot of youth. So the new investigators we have found have been a family that is related to less actives and this other cool guy who is 25 has a wife and kid and he grew up in Japan. So we are finding some cool people.

But yeah the mission keeps getting better. Its a fun time, lots to do, lots to say. 

I gotta keep my tagalog up haha. Most people would think thats all we would be speaking but English is a very common language here so its really easy to speak english and a lot of people can understand it. 

I hope you all have a great week and are having lots of fun in the promised land of the world! I love you all:)

Elder Webb

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