Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Na sa iyo na ang lahat, minamahal kita agad

Hey what up mga kaibigan.

SOOOOOOOO this week was good. Had a lot of great experiences. So I might just cut the small talk and jump right into that. Sooo the good stuff started this last Wednesday. I did exchanges with Elder Uhler from Virginia. He is a cool guy, he is still in his training so he has been in the field for about 3 months, so he didint really know Tagalog that well so I was kinda in charge of the speaking most of the time, which was cool. It wasnt hard at all. I finally feel comfortable speaking, I am not perfect but its still good. But yeah exchanges were really fun with him, we had this cool experience while we were working. So we were looking at our ward directory trying to find a less active. (thats a big problem in the Philippines, less actives) Our ward has about 500 less actives... So yeah we were looking and we asked this lady at this little store and she said she had no clue so I kinda just looked up and saw their neighbors house and the number 102 and then I looked at the paper again and I saw 102 and turns out a different LA lived at that address so we went and knocked on the gate and a guy came out and I asked him if the LA lived there and he said no not anymore so then I said oh okay, but were missionaries and then he said come on in haha so we went in and taught him. He is way awesome and has a wife and a kid. Turns out the LA used to live on their lot but she moved away but he knows a lot about the church but he was never taught by the missionaries. So we taught him and it was a great lesson. Then a couple days later we went back to teach him and he had read the intro of the book of mormon and took notes haha dang it was cool. 

As a district leader I have the pleasure of interviewing the candidates for baptism by the missionaries in my district. So I had 3 interviews last saturday and it was a really cool experience and the spirit was really strong. One in particular was this 12 girl who is a part member of an inactive family. She is really special, every sunday she comes to church by herself and stays the whole time. In the interview she was bearing her testimony and she began to cry, and I started to tear up a bit then as she continued I was so amazed by her testimony that I began to have tears too. It was really one of the coolest moments of my mission. 

So in our ward we have 4 missionaries and the 3 I just interviewed are from the other companionship but me and my comp have 2 investigators that were interviewed as well, so this upcoming saturday on march 5 we have 5 baptisms in our ward so that is awesome! Missionary work is hard but fun.

Earlier today we had an activity with our whole zone and we just hung out and did an obstacle course. I cant believe how out of shape I am hahaha. I almost collapsed. It was the hardest I had worked out in my whole 8 months hahah man i was weird. Its like I am an old man. Oh yeah I have to shave like every other day now. I am man now. 

But hey I love you guys!! Keep it realllllllllllzzzzzzzzz

Love EW   

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