Sunday, February 7, 2016

Feb 7, 2016

Hey everyone... Sorry that I didint write last week I didint have too much time and I forgot my camera so I wanted to wait until I had it to send this. 


I hoped you all enjoyed the pictures!!! So yeah that is my area! San Miguel. Im lovin it. 

So how is everyones week going?! Mine was pretty good!! It was up and down, I am still adjusting a lot to where I am at but it will get a lot better soon. This week was a busy and rewarding week. We had 5 of our investigators come to church which was of course awesome. 2 of which are in pictures that I sent you. One was the cute little boy and the other was the guy sitting on the couch not looking at the camera when I took a selfie haha ( he is way shy) The little kids name is John Carlo and the guys name is Ramil. Ramil is a great guy and progressing in everything right now EXCEPT word of wisdom. He has a smoking problem. He comes to church every sunday but he is just taking some time getting over his smoking problem, we are here to help him and he is making some good process. Our area is SO big, I am trying to just focus on a small part in our area right now close to the chapel so people can easily get to church. Because we have a few less actives and an investigator wayyyyy out in the bukid (farm) And they just cant come to church because they cant afford the price it takes to travel there. That is the hardest part about this area and most of the Philippines is just the price it takes to get to church because they dont have any money and of course they have no cars. This place feels so different that I dont even feel like I am in the same place, the people are different, the area is different, and the work is different. But its all a fun new adventure. One thing thats really cool about this area is that we have ward members with motorcylces with side cars so when they work with us we have a ride to all of our appointments haha it is awesome. I dont know what much else to say sorry. I need to take notes through out the week so I can write better letters sorry, i just get to the computer and I go blank. But I will take some notes this week so it will be better. 

But yeah I love you all and hope you all have a great week this week and stay warm ;)

Love Elder Webb

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