Tuesday, November 17, 2015


    Hello everyone and goodmorning! Or goodnight for some of you I guess. How is everyone doing? I hear there are some pretty sad stuff going on around the world which is terrible to hear but it just shows that the times are close. We all need to prepare yourself spiritually and physically.

      So this week, Ill start with Monday. That was Pday and that was fun of course and that day we taught a less active named Bernard and he is 24. He is way cool and just has great faith. The reason he is less active is because the members of our ward. Our ward is kinda struggling right now, there is a lot of drama and some hurt feelings going around which sucks because first off I mean its church come on and we teach in our gospel to never judge and to love everyone. But of course people are not perfect so things happen. But yeah so we have been trying to really strengthen our ward lately and trying our best to make it better. But anyway Bernard is way cool and he was baptized in 2001 so yeah a long time. Our goal for him is to progress to get the priesthood and get to the temple so we have been teaching him a lot about that and he loves it. When we met with him on monday he was in Mosiah 20 and we went back to him on friday and he was on Alma 20! I was shocked man holy crap he is a boss and he understand everything and asks great questions! 

Tuesday- Zone Training meeting which was good we talked a lot about how we can help each other more in the work and then worked later that night. Nothing too eventful

Wednesday- So there was this guy okay and he just came up to me and said hey where are you going?! And I told him and he just kept talking to me so I asked if we could share with him and he said yes so we said okay where is your house? And he started to lead us there which was kinda far so we are walking and walking and there are just a lot of people staring at us weird and I know that I am white and I stand out and I am really handsome but they were looking at us more weird than usual. So we got to his house which was down a really dark alley and I said to Elder Diso hey we arent going down there. So we said okay brother actaully we have to get going we will come back some other time and we gave him a pamphlet and left. But we looked behind us and he was just following us. Then we took a turn down an alley and we thought we had lost him but yet again there he was. So my comp said to him Okay brother we have to go because we have to teach someone so we will come back another time! and he said okay okay sounds good! So we kept going but he kept following us! So we walked faster and faster then turned down an alley and just ran to a members house hahah it was so crazy. He was nice and seemed harmless but man he just kept coming.

Thursday- Stressful day. Had a lot of high hopes for appointments but they all fell through:( That happens a lot haha but I just gotta keep going and trying.

Friday- Weekly Planning. Blah it takes so long but it is important. 

Saturday- I am really sorry but I really dont remember what happened that day haha

Sunday- I loved sunday. We had a good day at church and got a referal from a member and we began teaching him. His name is Noah and he is 10. He lives with the member because his mom was killed and his dad is on drugs. Very sad but now he is with a great family and going to grow up in the gospel. He has gone to church the past few weeks and he is loving it. He is very very shy but he started to open up towards the end and said a great closing prayer.

So there is my week. Sorry my emails kinda suck. They will get better and I will try to make them good for you guys. SOrry no pics this week because I didint take any. But I love all you guys and I miss you all. Thanks for all the love ans support:) 

Have a great week!

Love the dakilang pogi Elder Webb:))))

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