Monday, November 2, 2015

Elder Webb Embarks as a Trainer

Hey everyone,

I AM GOING TO BE A FATHER. I am training a new missionary this transfer. I am terrified to say the least buttttt I know I can do it. The Lord calls inexperienced people and I know with His help he is going to bless me and me and my new son are going to do great work! So I now run the University Hills Ward area with my new comp. I meet him tomorrow so I dont know if he is Filipino or American or what. But I hope that he is Filipino because I am not too confident in my language skills quite yet! But I am very excited as well to be able to have this opportunity from the Lord. It is going to be hard work but I just know that I can do it. There isnt a doubt in my mind that I can do it because If I work hard the Lord is going to do the rest. So please pray for me and hope for the best!

So this past week was pretty bad for the work because we had an early curfew on saturday and sunday because our area gets too dangerous. Also my current companion doesnt really want to work that hard because he is transfering and he has been in this area for a long time. But we had a great work with our investigator Marvin! We had an awesome FHE with him which is the picture below. He passed his baptism interview and he will be baptized this coming saturday! Yay we are so happy for him. He is really growing a lot in the gospel. He even has a desire to serve a mission! THe other day he said Elder Webb can I serve a mission? I said Of course! And he said YES! Hahah he is great I love the guy. We had some great lessons with him this past week and he is ready for baptism. We had a another investigator attend church this past sunday for the first time her name is Precy. She is great and has a strong faith in the gospel but she has a job position at another church right now so that is kind of a problem haha but we are working with her and she said she would attend marvins baptism which is great. 

SOrry this letter was kind of short but there is just not much to report on this week but there will be more to come next week after my first week of training a greeny

Love you all!

Lover Elder Webb

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