Monday, November 23, 2015


Whats up.

I am good.

Sooooo this week was pretty good! So Elder Diso and I had a lot of streer lessons this week which was pretty fun! Because usually here in our area there are just big groups of people that just hang around and dont do much except yell "Hey Joe" at me. So this week I decided that every group that did that to me I would stop and talk to them and so I did. I did that about 3 times and each time I did I would share a little bit about the gospel. Then I asked if we could share more and they all said yes so Elder D and I had about 3 street lessons with about 15 people listening which was kinda of cool. I wish I would of had a picture of it. We always see weird things happening on the streets but this week I just saw this kid on the ground and he was kinda crying and he was wiping his barefoot on the ground and there was just blood everywhere. Turns out he stepped on a glass bottle. I just cringed and said "Stop stop dont do that!" And I picked him and I asked him where his house was and I carried him to his house and gave him to his mom. Man I felt so bad for him and he probably will get an infection, but I think he will be okay. The work is going pretty well. Training is kind of tough but it is fun. My trainee is a little afraid of approaching people on the streets but I am trying to teach him how to better do it which is funny because I still suck at the language and he is fluent but I am the one teaching him how to talk to people haha its seems backwards. Just last month I was the quieter companion but now I have to be the outspoken one. Quite the change. We had a "One Day" mission this week in our ward which means for the whole day we have people come from the ward with us to do some work! This one day mission focus was on finding less actives. We found quite a few less actives and set return appointments with them to go back and teach them. They all were so nice and I am eager to go back and help them out. So we only have one progressing investigator right now which kinda sucks but our area is a tough area and we are trying our best. But the investigator is a 10 year old kid that now lives with his Aunt and Uncle who are active members. The kids name is Noah and he has had a rough life. His mom was killed and his dad is on drugs. Most of his siblings have also been killed too but he is now in a safe home with the gospel. He loves church and loves primary. He is so funny beacaue he is so social and talkative a church but then when we teach him he gets sooooo shy. I just dont think he likes the attention haha but he is a great kid and he reads the book of mormon every day. We taught him the gospel of jesus christ yesterday and we used a fun object lesson. We told the story of a knight who wanted to go back to his castle (Celestial Kingdom) and he had to go through 5 main tasks. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endure. It was a fun lesson and everyone laughed at my terrible drawings. But yes you all are probably wondering what is up with the subject of this email. So yesterday we got on the jeep from our house to our area and as we did the roads got backed up so we got off and started to walk. As we got up we saw a bunch of catholics just walking in the street like 500 of them and they were doing some worship thing but man! It was so much traffic and they were just walking in the middle of the road! So lame. This week will be pretty fun, we are going to the mission home tomorrow for our zone interviews and I have exchanges with one of my homies from New Zealand on wednesday and we are both new and both suck at Tagalog so I guess we will see how that goes! I love you all!

Love Elder Webb

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