Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello everyone:)

I hope everyone is doing great and doing fun stuff!!! So first I will explain the pictures. I took a cool majestic picture of a cat, that is a little Filipino kid in water, thats me in my awesome new barongs. (very fancy filipino shirts) And then Marvins baptism! So dang this week has been pretty awesome but pretty tough. I am a trainer right now and that means I am basically in charge of my whole area because my new comp doesn't know much and I am responsible to teach him everything! So it is pretty tough haha. But my new comp is cool! His name is Elder Diso and he is from Dagupan which is in the Philippines. He is a dilligent worker but he is not used to missionary work and all the walking ahah but he will get there!! We had a lotttttt of appointments fall through this week which makes it kinda hard for me because I have to have all the back ups in mind. But I know this is really pushing me and I am learning a lot. But yesterday we found some awesome 2 ladies who are very interested and they are eager for us to come back and share and share with their whole family so I am hoping and praying everything goes well with that!! I am starting to see myself worrying less about myself and more on the work and my companion. Being a trainer is a very humbling experience. I just really hope I am being a good trainer to my comp and helping him the best that I can.

It was super hot this week, lots of sweat haha. But I like the heat and it is ten times better than Minnesota weather so I cant complain I like the weather. Except in the apartment sometimes it gets so hot and their is no wind so I just need a fan pointed at me constantly. 

So Marvins baptism was awesome! What a great example for everyone involved. He was an investigator for 5 months. But he finally became fully converted and he is happier than ever! He is getting along great with the ward and he loves life! He had a great testimony after his baptism and he even cried. He is so thankful for the gospel and the missionaries in his life. I am really proud of him and I am glad I got to be a part of his spiritual journey. 

So things have been great but hard. But this is only the beginning of my mission and things will get harder but so much better especially when I fully get the language down. Thank you all for all your love and support always! I love you guys!

Love Elder Webb

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