Monday, October 31, 2016

October 4, 2016

So I have been in the mission for about 15 months now. In my first area (University Hills Caloocan) I served 6 months. Then I went to San Miguel and served for 3 months, Then I went to Batasan Hills and I served another 6 months now I have a my next journey to my 4th area. This area is in a place called Bocaue, Bulacan. I am heading back up to the rural area. It will be kinda like my second area. This area actually has a reputation for being kinda evil haha. There is a lot of sin going around there so they need some missionaries. I will not be a zone leader anymore which is okay with me. I will just be a senior companion which is actually going to be very refreshing because I dont have to worry about anything else except for my area, my companion and myself. No long meetings for the zone or preparing workshops or having to deal with people in the zone, all I gotta do is focus on my area. President is actually sending me there for a reason. The area needs some help so he is sending an amazing experienced missionary like myself (just kidding) to help it out. That actually puts a lot of pressure on me because I really dont think I am that great of a missionary in all honesty. But I really need a fresh start and I think this is it. I am so excited to see what this next area has for me. I know something is waiting for me there and I need to go find it. A miracle could happen there, I just need to apply hard work and obedience and things will work out. I have gone too long on my mission just thinking I could do it all and that I was the best. I was prideful I was too boastful. But now I am realizing really what it is like to be more like the Savior. I need to rely on him and forget about myself. That is my new goal for the rest of my short 8 months. I need to really focus it in now. I am coming to a realization that time is coming to an end and that is scary. You really cant waste time here, it is so short. This past week was pretty normal for the work, we have been teaching this cool family that are interested in the message. We had an activity last Saturday with the ward. "movie night" where everyone was invited. It was an activity for members to bring there friends to the chapel so we could watch a movie about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. It was a good turn out and the family we have been teaching came! But they didint come to church the next day... But we think they will come next week.

Sorry I havent had that many pictures to send. Hopefully these next few months I will make a better effort in taking pictures. I just get scared to pull out my camera sometimes and take pictures because I feel like I will get jumped and I just feel awkward as well. But I will do my best!

I love you all and hope you are doing well and having fun adjusting slowly to the weather there. It is still hot here as always. That will never change.  

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