Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 3, 2016

Well this was a great week! Weeks are always great.
Elder Christensen is going home. Its sad. The transition is going to be weird. I will miss him a lot. My next comp has some big shoes to fill.
So the last few days have been pretty awesome. Two days ago we had a great day of lessons and finding some new people to teach. We taught these two guys on the street the other day and it was a great lesson. They were kinda rude though haha the interupted Elder Christensen when he was talking and asked him why his Tagalog wasnt as good as mine and they said probably cuz I had been here longer and chris said no I have been here for one more year then he has and the guys just did not believe him ahah it was rude but Elder Chirstensen is a good sport, he didint care.
So yesterday on sunday, we woke up excited for our sunday! We had a baptism that day for our main guy Clark! We were also excited to go pick up this family of investigators that havent been able to come to church yet so we told them on Saturday we would come get them Sunday morning. So we left our house early and walked all the way to their house! So we got there anndddd.. They said they couldnt come. Man that was a big disappointment. So with weakened spirits and heads down we walked back to the Chapel in the heat of the day but it was okay. We especially got happier when we saw Clark early at church. He actually tried getting his friends to come to church and they didint so he was kinda disappointed as well but we all got happy when we saw eachother and started to fill up the font for his baptism. We actually ended up having 12 investigators at church which was a record for me and Elder Chris. It was awesome and we were so happy to have such a great turn out.
The baptism for Clark was great. It was awesome to have another baptism. Clarks conversion story is soo cool. He started being a little delinquent and turned into someone with such great faith and he will make a great member of the church.
After the baptism Elder Chirs and I hit the streets and started working again. We are working with about 4 families to progress towards baptism right now and one of them is the Martinez family and they are a family of about 8. and 5 are able to get baptized and they are progressing really well right now and I am so excited for that baptism it will be amazing! We are woking hard in this area to get us to the goal of baptizing weekly and I know it can happen.
Love you all thank you for the loveeeeeeee:)

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