Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 20, 2016


Sorry I am getting really bad at writing, even in my journal... I kinda just go blank. But this week was good. We went to the Temple last week which was stellar. We had 11 investigators at church yesterday which was really awesome. Our next upcoming baptism is on july 2 with brother Clark Beltran, and Rochelle Soqiratta. THey arent related but Rochelles son is a recent convert and we are working to get their whole family baptized which is probably going to happen one by one which is alright but of course it would be cooler if it was all at the same time. We have 19 investigators set with a baptismal date right now and we are working hard to get them ready for there dates but that is the hard part. We found an awesome family a while back a father, and mother with 3 little primary aged kids. The dad has had work a lot and hasnt been able to make it to church but the wife Nina has been twice and she loves it. The hard part is that her kids DO NOT want to be left in primary alone, they refuse so yesterday Nina had to attend primary haha which she loved I guess but of course she has to attend the regular classes. We also found another great family who are all of age to be baptized. We have only taught them twice and they didint come to church yesterday but I think they will come next week. I am actually goin through some struggles right now of course but thats all good thats what makes us better. BUT if you want to help me out maybe send me some ideas on how I can write better letters to you guys because honestly I just dont know what to write. I know its hard for you because you have no clue whats going on but for me everything just seems like a big blur hahah. So send me your ideas and I will take them in for consideration and bring them up with the Boss. Love ya guys byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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