Monday, January 18, 2016

I helped an old lady cross the street!

Hey guys:) Sorry its been a while since I have been able to write because it has been a pretty hetic schedule with all the holidays and such and I am sure it has been the same for you guys as well! Well Christmas was okay here! We really did not do much. I skyped and then we went home took a nap, went to a members house to eat then just came home and hung out again. Haha very uneventful. Christmas eve was the most fun Elder Kirifi my roomate and I just were up on our roof throwing toys and stuff to kids it was fun. They really loved it and there were a lot of dancing and christmas carolers it was a lot of fun. So my companion got really sick for a couple days. He had a high high fever and was just dead in bed basically haha. So that left me for myself in the house for a couple days which was really boring. I really just read all day and kinda just sat, it sucked haha. Oh yeah. My subject of this email. I helped an old Filipina lady cross the street! Just like you see in the movies haha it was awesome. I held out my arm to her and she grabbed it and I took her across the busy street!! I can cross that off my bucket list. So yeah we had some good lessons this week. One investigator in particular who is doing really well is Mike Salinas. He is the cousin of Elsie Salinas (my first baptism here) He is progressing really well. We just taught him the word of wisdom which we thought he would have a problem with but he took it really well and agreed to live it. I have really enjoyed teaching him, he is a funny guy and just always has a great attitude. So yeah last night was new years eve and hoooolllyyyy cow.... It was NUTS here. Especially here in the city it was just crazy. We had a curfew of 5 but we kinda wanted to go in earlier because there were so many drunk people and they were just lighting off "fireworks" they werent really fire works they were just basically bombs haha they were soooo loud! But once we got in it was fun. Our new roomate Elder Guilermo is a good chef and he made a lot of food. Chicken Curry, pasta, and our neighbors gave us a lot of food as well! So we took a table and chairs up to the roof top and ate some food and had some music and it was a good time. Then we went back inside and I fell asleep but I woke up at 11 because it was SO loud outside so we went back to the roof until midnight and man was it crazy haha. There were firworks everywhere and music so loud and just people everywhere it was seriously nuts haha. But after that we just went inside and I tried to fall asleep but it was hard because the firewroks would not stop hahah. So the next transfer date is on january 27th and I think I will be transfering but who knows I might stay another one. Okay I am trying to attach pictures but it is not really working so maybe next time. So this wasnt a super long email but thats kinda how my weak was. I love you all so much! Stay awesome:) Happy New Year:)

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