Sunday, August 30, 2015

So this week was pretty good! It was rainy a lot and hot a lot! We had some good lessons. One of our new investigators is pretty awesome but he loves the bible! He has soooo many questions. But of course I cant understand anything and I dont know the bible very well so its hard! I feel so clueless and useless hahah. My days are getting better each week! We had my first Community service project this week! IT was great! (Ill attach some pics) We just hauled a bunch of broken pieces of concrete into there house and put it on the floor? THey want to elevate their floor? Hhaha idk how its going to work but thats what we did! I got sooo sore after it haha I havent done some serious excerzise in a while! Did I tell you guys that I wash my clothes by hand? HAha its pretty funny and kinda cool actually. All filipinos do it! So I have a lot of good stuff to eat here. Halo-Halo is one of them and its a filipino desert and its delicious! Also They sell this really good ice cold chocolate drink stuff on the street. I love it. I eat chicken neck, squid, and other good and werid stuff haha. THERE ARE SO MANY CATS ROOSTERS AND DOGS HERE. I love scaring them haha its so funny especially the roosters because they are such spazzes and just freak out. The other day we found a monkey!! Hahah it was awesome we fed it all sorts of stuff. I have some new goals for myself. I want to finish the tagalog BOM by my 6 month mark and also Im going to finish my the New Testament by Christmas! SO wish me luck! THe low of my week is that I got super sick on saturday, I threw up twice. It was not fun. I went to church the next day and everyone was so concerned haha, They are so nice I love them. THis one guy even started giving me a massage haha. I did a lot of reading while I was sick. It was really boring though ahah. The language continues to haunt me. Man its sooo hard ahah. I feel so useless and clueless. But I will get it eventually right? I hope so becuase it sucks being the type of person that loves to talk to people but I just cant! Well I hope all is well back in the US. I send my love and prayers!

Love Elder Webb:)

This is me feeding a monkey with me teeth hahaha

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