Sunday, August 16, 2015

Im so so sorry. But Ill make sure to bring it next week so you can see my apartment and some of the things ive been doing. 

So I got my new companion, Elder Ravelo and he is Filipino. Hes only been out for 3 months!! So we both still learn a lot. He just turned 19 and he is pretty cool.

Life in the apartment:

Its weird.. Im on my own now.. Food, keeping myself alive, everthing! Its kinda scary haha. there is 4 of us in the apartment. Elder Ravelo and me, Elder Bermoy who is filipino and Elder Christensen who is American obviously. Its pretty fun and they are all good guys. The apartment is pretty small and really hot ahah. We just use fans to keep us cool. We eat a lot of rice obviously.

So my area is in the city of Caloocan. My area is called University Hills. It is crazy. EVERYONE is poor. (except the people in the subdivision) ITs pretty cool to know I have my own investigators and my own area but also scary because everyone here relys on me and my comp. The people here are really cool actually, they are nice and funny. I draw so much attention obvously because Im so handsome and white hahaha. Everyone says "HEY" or "WHATS YOUR NAME" The kids always high five me and stuff. One kid came up and just started punching me in the leg ahaha it was weird. But I love to go out and walk around even though I barely speak and I can barely understand what they say. I just smile haha. Sometimes I can teach a little bit and they inderstand me which is cool but most of the time I just have no clue whats happening. But one thing is that im fearless to just go up to someone and talk in very broken tagalog. I love to do that haha. Yesterday it was raining a lot and its started to flood where we were tracting. I was KNEE DEEP in water haha, It was crazy but also pretty gross cuz its just poop pee and garbge haha, But the natives love it. They go out and shower in the rain and the kids play in the nasty water hahah. 

There is some amazing street food and drinks here. I cant wait until you and Harm come out so i can introduce you guys to everything. You guys will LOVE IT. I can tell I have big things here once I just get a hang of everything. Im going to be a big help.

Church was pretty good. 2 of our investigators came and all the people were really nice to me. I also didint understand anything in church it was really annoying but its okay I guess.

But I can tell im going to LOVE my mission once I know how to speak and understand people. RIght now Its annoying and frustrating because I just cant speak and I just cant understand! One thing Ive also realized is that I suck at teaching! Even in english! UGHH it makes me so mad.

LEt me know anyother questions you have about stuff here! Im sure I forgot some stuff

Love your Son ELDER WEBB:)

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