Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dear Elders:

Our sincere apologies that Pres. Bertin did something on his iPhone before finished the photo email, so we lost all those wonderful addresses you entered.  SO sorry, but now you can send to your parents, please.

I just want to tell you how sorry we are for the losses you have experienced.  Please let me (us) know if we can help aid you in working out replacements of things — cameras, etc.  We have ALL definitely learned something.  First, that you were all very blessed that no one physically bothered any of you; second, we are very happy that Elder Webb got his suitcase and most of its contents back; and third, most importantly, how careful we all need to be.  Never take a chance, never let your guard down, and never assume ‘someone else’ locked up.  Everyone be vigilant!  

Live close to the spirit, be obedient, be careful.  We are thankful, more than you know, to have you here working diligently as missionaries.  

We love you, and we are here for you.
Sister Bertin 

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