Tuesday, May 30, 2017

April 17, 2017

Hello... No body wrote this week so I feel like I might of offended you all...??? Hopefully not hahah. This past week was very very hot. Summer is now here again so I am going through it my second time. Hahah Elder Slade always gets sweat in his eyes and he says it hurts so bad, but I have never had that happen to me in my whole life because I dont really sweat that bad actually. So I guess that is a blessing. This week was also what the Catholic people celebrate "Holy Week" It was suupper busy everywhere this week. There is a main road between our area and the stake center that was closed on Thursday due to the people that literally get nailed to the cross here in remembrance of Jesus I guess. I think it is extremely sacrilegious but I guess its a tradition here so yeah. So we had to take the long way around to get down to the stake center to practice for our Easter Concert that the stake through yesterday. IT was pretty cool. THey had a bunch of people do acts on different days of the week leading up to Jesus death. My zone did a song about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane because our day was Thursday. It was a great concert and a ton of people came and the acts were awesome and it was a fun way to celebrate Easter. I found my new favorite hymn, page 112. IT is aweeessome. We have been teaching this part member family here for almost 3 months now. The Buenaflor family. They are really cool and we love teaching them and they are making good progress they have been to church twice now since I have been here. They always always say that they will come to church but something always gets in there way we dont really get it. So they didint come yesterday which was super disappointing. We were hoping to have their Baptism on May 6 but now we will have to move it to May 13. Which is okay because we want them to be ready but we just dont know why its so hard for them to go to church. We just need to keep strengthening their faith. But we had one of our other part member come to church for the first time and we were very happy with that. His name is Nathaniel he is 21 years old. But he has a super hard time listening but we try to make things really simple for him so he can understand it better. The goal this week is to work really hard. I need to get focused and finish up my last 2 months the strongest I have ever worked. Ill let you know how it goes next week:)

So yeah my wallet got stolen. We were on our way to withdraw our support so I brought my card we went to the ATM and I withdrew my 4000 pesos. Then I put 500 in my wallet and the rest in a secret pocket in my bag. Then I put my wallet in my bag and we walked off to 711 to get some change. Then as I was about to buy my drink I reached for my wallet and it was gone...... Along with my support card... So I will have to buy a new one. I am pretty sure this cross dresser stole it.. I was in 711 and she/he was right behind me and she bumped into my bag so I blame it on him/her but whatevs life goes on I guess.

Have a great week everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Easter. Love you all:)

Enjoy the pictures of the creepiest bathroom that we used one night.

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