Monday, May 23, 2016

May 22, 2016

Heyyyyyyyyy how is everyone doing? Things are doing well here they are pretty rainy. This last week was good! Especially because we had our baptism with Eros which was awesome and I had the opportunity to baptize him which was awesome too. I never actually really realized his story of conversion until he testified after his baptism. He said when he first started investigating he wasnt really interesting and he sometimes hid. But after awhile he decided to come to church and he really felt welcome there because we have an awesome youth program there and he fit right in. This was really the first time I realized really how important it is to feel welcome at church especially if you are an investigator. I have asked other investigators of mine what they dont like about church and they sometimes say that its just not very welcoming. I have even lost investigators because there first experience at church just wasnt that great. It makes me sad actually to know that because this is the church of Jesus Christ and people are not feeling welcome there. It just changed my mind and from now on I want to do all I can to make investigators feel welcome on my mission and after. Well this transfer is coming to an end.. Gosh it goes by really fast. I will have exactly one year left in about 3 weeks... Soooo get ready peeps I am coming quicker than you think:)) But things are still hard here but still awesome. We had a lot of success last week in finding new investigators we have a couple that seem really promising. Later on tonightwe have an appointment with a part member family and 3 of them will be baptized. Thats the father Johnathan, and the 2 kids Kian and Daniel. They are a really special family and we are having a great time teaching them. 

FAMILY... I really really appreciate your desire to give me money and stuff on my mission it means a lot. But I think I might start requesting that you really dont send me money, unless I really am in need of it. I would much rather learn how to budget and stuff right now and then after my mission I will take your money for the things I need haha. So please just save your money for after my mission so I can return back to the worldly things;) 

I love you all thank you so much for all your prayers and love towards me it means a lot. Have an awesome week:)

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